Religion, politics and super heroes

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Now with the spidey hype, i was looking for info about our friendly neighbor and i found an article about the superheroes religion here and i also began to wonder about their politican afiliation.

It was funny, but i disagree with the fact that Peter Parker is christian... i think that parker grew up in a christian home... probably protestant, but right now he is just a secular fellow that belives in a higher power, generally called GOD. Just like me... with no formal religious afiliation... and democrat by the way.

About how many jews are in the super heroe comunity...well... i think that many of the wealthy guys that save the world in their spare time probably are jews... except for Bruce Wayne, that i think its catholic... and probably republican.

As for Tony Stark i think that his church is Wall Street, his god is The Money and he is probably republican. But surprise, surprise, Cap America maybe is democrat... and protestant.Superman... methodist and probably republican too.

Hulk is catholic! and as Wolverine... probably don`t care about politics...

I would like to read your ideas about this stupid topic.


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