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What atrracts you to a guy/girl

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*Sakuragi Yaya*
The first thing that really caught my eye about Sakuragi sensei's style was the character's expression, especially her signature grin/smirk. I just can't get enough of them. In addition, her style is very distinctive so I doubt you will find something similar to her's. Aside from the art work, her stories are really good, especially her series. All of her works contains a good amt of humor and plot to make them work. If you're a fan of school romance, then you must check her out. They'll definitely leave a deep impression on you. Finally, one thing which I found very interesting is that sometimes she likes to put a little hint of yuri in her manga. However, it's very unnoticeable, but very cute because the female character's personality is very seme like yet, girlie.

Fav Manga/One Shot
* Koi Cha no Osahou - Without the doubt, my fav. Just 'cause.
* Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi! - the first one I read by Sakuragi sensei. Very funny. It has the most hottest and cutest scenes and looks ever! The seme is just to die for.
* Nee, Sensei - Sensei x Student = LOVE

Fav Quote
"Once you connect the body, the heart often follows"
- Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!
I think this is very true, especially in most yaoi series.

* Official site

* If you need any help finding these titles, please let me know
Recommended Manga

Title: Wagamama Romeo
Mangaka: AJIMINE Sakufu
Download: Memory For You
Personal Opinion:
The art work wasn't really my taste. But after I got into the story, I've come to like this mangaka. One thing that I like about her style is that her expressions are very realistic. The humor is just right. It was fun to see the up and downs of this relationship. Nice pace and development. Please try it. You won't be disappointed by it.

merged: 05-22-2007 ~ 06:22am
I have a weakness for a guy with a nice Smile/Grins/Smirks. Somehow, I have a thing for voice also. Love deep, smooth voices that can makes your knees go weak. XD

Wish you can forgive your yesterdays
Wish you can love your tomorrows



The End/Out/Age of infinity



but, the man-love is a little dangerous...

We are all in the infinite loop...


Hi. :)
Thank you for providing these descriptions and pictures again. :hugs:
I'll check that manga you suggested.
And I voted ^^



floating around


hey there! thanx for the suggested manga, I wasn't going to read it since I didn't like the drawings but since you suggested it I gave it a shot and I actually liked it very much XD The story is really fun and well done :D Thanx for the suggestion.

I also voted, I like the face (the whole package:) )

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