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*Mishima Kazuhiko*
After Sakuragi Yaya, I have to put Mishima sensei in the spotlight. School romance is one of her specialties also. What I love about her art style is their expression, especially the "evil grin" It is the most evil and cutest thing ever! (lols). Oh, and it's not every day you see a seme with light colored hair. Aside from that, most of her story are focused on how the seme goes through many obstacles in order to get to his most prize possession, the uke! Even though this theme repeats itself, all her manga is filled with humor that you just couldn't get enough of. So if you're new to the yaoi world, don't miss this amazing mangaka.

Fav Manga/One Shot
* Love-doll house Mamiya - The first one I read by her. Love the story! I want a Love-doll also.
* Love Neco - ABSOLUTELY the cutest and most perverted neco EVER! One of a few neco stories that I actually like.
* Reverse!? - Love the development of the story. The main story is the best!

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* If you need any help finding these titles, please let me know

Recommended Manga

Title: Negai Kanae Tamae (Grant My Wish)
Mangaka: NISHIDA Higashi
Download: Volyund
Personal Opinion:
If you haven't read it, this is a MUST READ! I finally gave it a try after a long time because the art work is not my taste at all. But man! Did I miss out on so much. The story just below my mind! It was very interesting. Once you started, you won't want to stop until the last page! I haven't read anything this good in so long. It's very hard to put this one in words. Not much yaoi until the 2nd vol. It's very deep, angst and psychological. It also has a lot of humor. Not your typical seme and ukes. This time, the uke is one crazy yakuza with a dragon tattoo on his back and some scars. While the seme plays the piano and bakes cakes. Very interesting, isn't it?

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Wish you can forgive your yesterdays
Wish you can love your tomorrows


"Tenshi Mieru sa...."


i love her works!
all so lovely!
and the youneger one is always the seme :D

Ore-sama no Bigi no Yoina

  • May 29, 2007

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