The Hope Of Tomorrow Part 7!

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A soul has many deep secrets


hey people. uh...this is the continueing of my story remember it XD it took me a long time to continue writing it.........sorry! *bows* hope you enjoy it. i have nothing better to do

When they went out the next day, they saw their pictures everywhere on the wall, along with Laila and five other teenagers wanted for 100,000 dollars each. "Now that’s a lot of money," Rachel said surprised at the amount. "Let’s go before any of the soldiers see us," said Nick while he was looking around. After the two teenagers started walking, they heard some noises and Rachel told Nick, "don’t you sense that something strange is about to happen? I feel like…." "Shhh…"Nick interrupted "...I think we’re being followed, now when I tell you run, run as fast as your legs can take you, understood?" and Rachel nodded. Nick just kept looking around him, listening patiently, and walking fast paces with Rachel. After several minutes when they were absolutely sure that they are being followed, Nick shouted, "RUN!" and Rachel ran as fast as she could. Behind them were swarms of soldiers running after them, Nick followed Rachel and she said, "there must be hundreds of them, do you think they’ll catch us?", Nick answered her quickly and said "no they can't, we're much faster than them…”" he looked at the place that they were running through and said "this place is too narrow, we have to go to a wider place before…" Nick stopped when he saw another bunch of soldiers in front of them. The two surrounded teenagers stood in their place and Nick continued angrily, "… before they surround us" "what should we do?" Rachel whispered while the soldiers were coming closer and closer "we fight, there's no other choice! We don’t have any bullets left" Nick replied. So they fought bravely and defeated half of them, but there were many soldiers and they were able to beat Rachel and Nick and give them many bruises. Then, the soldiers stopped and two men came from behind them "hey Silver, are those the kids who killed Kino?" asked the first guy. "Yes Michael, I think that they are the ones…I can’t believe that Kino was killed by those children!" Silver shouted. Michael smirked and said looking at Nick "Our boss ordered us to take you both to him," "What if we don’t want to?" asked Nick fearlessly and suddenly, Michael glared at him and said angrily "then we’ll have to take you by force whether you like it or not" and he attacked Nick and dropped him to the ground till he lost his consciousness. "Nick!" Rachel shrieked and ran towards him to see if he was okay but, something stopped her and she couldn't move; she turned around and saw Silver grabbing her arm. "Let me go!" Rachel screamed and tried to struggle free "Stop moving! Or else you will be the reason for your friend's death" Rachel froze in her place and let Silver drag her. She saw Michael carrying Nick with him and was a bit relieved that they didn't kill him…yet.



Oye oye, can you get them all together for us? like just so that we can see where this is coming from. It looks interesting but my comp sucks so some symbols are unknown.


  • May 30, 2007

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