In the anime Sola, which of the yaka do you sympathize with?

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Which of the yaka can you sympathize with the most?

Shihou Matsuri
17 votes
Morimiya Aono
10 votes
Kamigawa Mayuko
1 votes

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I have just begun watching the new anime Sola and have seen up to episode 8. So far, I find it's a very beautiful series and most of the characters I think are complex and have many hidden secrets.

In particular, the yaka tend to be the most intriguing characters for many viewers of this series, so I would like to discuss with the Minitokyo community, which of the yaka can you sympathize with the most?

In my opinion, I feel I have the strongest connection to Aono, since she is a mysterious lonely type of girl. Her loneliness has driven her to desperate things, and even act very selfishly when in fact, I think she is a very kind and caring person inside. Since I am also a lonely person and have few friends, i feel similar to her too. On a separate note, I also think she has a really pretty hairstyle.

In terms of favorites however, I like both Matsuri and Aono!

As for the other yaka we've met so far, Matsuri is a really cute and sweet girl, and I think she's really likeable since she seems to be able to get along with everyone. And of course, people are drawn to Matsuri by her quirks as well, like the way she thinks kicking any machine makes it work. :sweat: As for Mayuko, all I can say is that she seems to be pretty aloof and has an interesting character design XD

Anyways, how do you feel about the yaka of sola? Be sure to post your feelings here! Also, there is a poll, but I always love to read what everyone really thinks! ^_^

  • May 30, 2007


Hi Ha said Hey


I just finished watching this anime and I can say BEST !

For me,I also hard to choose Matsuri and Aono because both of them also my favourite......

Aono almost same way like me . lonely ^^ I also like her hairstyle.
But Matsuri is the gitl type I like ...funny,cheerful,and otherelse

In my opinion , I still wonderig the ending is good or bad . . .


I sympathise more with Matsuri, I found Aono a bit too desperate for my liking, but I did feel sorry for her. Also Matsuri was really sweet and cheerful, she was my favourite character ;D
It is a very good series I agree, I thought it a bit boring at first, but then it just sucks you in until you can't stop watching it.
I liked Aono's hairstyle too, it's very cute ;]
I thought the ending was good, everything was put back to the way it should be however I was a bit sad about the other characters -Trying not to spoil things for other people-.

  • Oct 19, 2007



I miss you MT <3


This is an awesome series, look forward to the ending. In regards to your question, I sympathize with all of them, but maybe Mayuko the most, since she had a very rought time. Aono did too but it was different. And Matsuri is my favourite character.



i ADORE mayuko!
theres just so many reasons why i do that i cant describe them with my poor english knowledge -_-

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i will go for matsuri, not only because she is my type and she makes me moe, but what she does trough the series all what she keep inside her to dont hurt yukito.

i dont like aono, i found her pretty obsessive trying to live a lie.

and the ending my comrade LonelyFriend.. for me its bad but its a happy ending



Guys are human as well.


There isn't anyone in this show I didn't symphatize with. In fact, I would have liked this show more if it didn't dawdle too much in the middle. Shame, really.

  • Dec 10, 2007

matsuri ftw

  • Feb 14, 2008


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In the beginning I sympathized with Matsuri, since she seemed to go through all those hardships and still managed to overcome them with a smile on her face. I like the fact that she had so much hope she seemed to pass it on to the ones around her as well :)

I don't like Aono too much, since she was a bit too quiet for my taste. However, I understand her, after all she's been through. In the end, she just wanted to be happy, that's why she did everything she did.

Mayuko is my ultimate favorite, though. I like her personality and the calm she proves in situations (like when the waitress at the restaurant -forgot her name, she was Mana's friend- asks if Takeshi is Mayuko's father!). She's polite, cool (as in, calm) and sarcastic. That's what I like about her. So I can fairly say Mayuko is my favorite yaka from Sola :)

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