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Hashida Yukari
Aside from a good plot and art work, humor also counts as a big part of a good manga. Hashida sensei sure dissapoint the reader with her sense of humor. One of her style would be to have 3 panels that's extactly alike/similar but with different text. It just bring out a different kind of humor to the manga and that's what makes her work special not to mention her drawing style. The way she draws the eyes and eye lashes of her uke is very distinctive and beautiful. You really can't take your eyes off it sometimes. (lols) Oh and I almost forgot, this mangaka draw the BEST kiss scenes EVER! They're hot, mouth drolling(literally), nosebleeding, and just AWESOME!

Fav Manga

* Waru - without a doubt my favorite manga and couple. Totally RECOMMENDED! if you haven't read it. It's really good.
* Jinsei wa Barairo Da - oh, what can I say, I would kiss Kazu even if I have to pay. (lols)
* Kimi no Koe ga Kikitai - the story is more angst for the first story. The other story leaves you wondering at the end.

fav quote

"'I am weird, arent' I...' 'You are weird' (kiss) 'I am weird too'" - Waru
"I couldn't stop doing bad things. Bad things have became a habit. Bad things require no thinking. --- Bad things make you feel good. ---" - Waru
"'I'll make you accompany to Hell. As long as I don't die. But before that. Let's do bad things'" - waru

The last quote is my fav.

Fav Scene

* The kiss scene that made my mouth drop to the floor
* The ending, the cutest thing EVER!.


Title: Prince of Tennis dj - Kemono no Taion
Mangaka: Kisaragi Hirotaka
download: >>>click me<<<

Personal Note: I posted this before, but I want to do again just in case someone miss this awesome dj. It's like the most HOTTEST dj there can be. More explicit scenes coming from Kisaragi. Aside from that, the story is very cute.

Wish you can forgive your yesterdays
Wish you can love your tomorrows

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