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hey guys and girls. i want to tell you a really touching story that happened in my school. one of the guys had cancer and so went into chemotherapy...and you know when that happens, you get bold =.=

so anyway, he was bold and his best friends came to check up on him and guess what... all of them shaved their head for him! (well the guys only) AAAAAW! they shaved their heads so their friend diagnosed to cancer won't feel out of place. isn't that sweet...so i ask you everyone...

If your best friend was diagnosed to cancer and he/she was bold...would you shave your head as well?

well I WOULDN'T O.o it's weird for a girl....but hey guys...(and some girls) would you do it?

for girls, they have an option and can wear wigs...but still




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No, but I'd give him/her a card.
And I'd pray for them. Its the best that I could do. I'm not a comforting kind of person, but I'd say they are in God's hands when facing death.

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I don't know... I'd have to think about shaving my head... I like my long hair, but when it gets long enough, I donate it to children with cancer... there's a program where you tell the hair stylist/barber to do that when you come in for a hair cut.

I did have a friend who lost their leg to cancer.
I just supported him the best that I could.
It means a lot to them, just being as supportive as possible.

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