Syaoran n Sakura? Together?

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Who thinks syaoran n sakura r suppose 2 b together? I do! :)

i definitely a matter of fact i believe there will be a loop hole within the witches' payment......after all she doesn't have to feel the exact same way to love him still and it's obvious he loves her

They are supposed to be together. Or perhaps, destined to be together, even though now the clone!syaoran already lost his heart. I believe somehow he would regain his heart and remember Sakura, as Sakura is already falling with him once again.

Sakura is supposed to be with Syaoran, remember? So it still can be debated IF she is supposed to be with clone or with the real(the one sharing "the soul" with ccs syao)



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Sakura and Syaoran should be together (obviously)... and i agree with KnicKnacks... there IS a gigantinormous loop hole in that payment that Syaoran made...

"It's like... it's like... unbelievable."
- I stutter in disbelief. >.>

Absolutely! They were together at the end of CCS SAKURA and continued onto Tsubasa Chronicles. That is a definate indicator that they should be together.

Of course those two should be together! I shows it throughout the series, and it was said that they were destined for eachother. I really hope Syaoran gets his heart back and Sakura remembers Syaoran...CLAMP is doing a great job with TRC, in my opinion. The series is so mysterious, now. But anyways, due to my TRC craving, I shall always be a die-hard Syao-Saku fan! ^_^

They should be together! It would be so sweet!

the WILL get together! they have to!.. I'm hoping she'll stay with R!Syaoran.. I love him! He is the one with that heart and it obvious he loves her!


they will definately be together


They were together at the end of CardCaptor Sakura (manga version).

Quote by highcloudThey were together at the end of CardCaptor Sakura (manga version).

Well...there's still the whole thing that Clow Country did not have any Syaorans... So should Sakura endup with Syaoran from different country(the one she is traveling with) or with the one in tube. Or should she be left alone, since there are no Syaorans in her world?



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they definitely will be together!^^but in tsubasa,i like sakura with the real syaoran!^^



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I sure feel they do from seeing it myself.

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I suppose they were made for one another.
I kinda feel sorry for Mei-Ling though.
Tomoyo, not so much since it didn't really matter to her anyway.
Yeah, Sakura and Syaoran, two peas in a pod I guess.

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sakura and syaoran would make a very cute couple.
if sakura ever told syaoran how she felt in the beginning, then syaoran would know how much he meant 2 her. but some evil wizard had 2 come along and turn sakura's memories into feathers, forcing syaorand 2 make a deal with the dimensional witch 2 save sakura. i feel rly srry 4 syaoran since sakura will never remember their past of being together. ;.;



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I think they sure are supposed to be together. Unfortunately. I hate this pairing.

They should be together! 100%, they are so cute together those two >_<

I definetly think that they should be together.



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of course.. they were a great couple and must be together.. 100% I'm sure they were so great and kawaii when they were together




i hope syaoran and sakura be together forever! but in the end syaoran must go to another dimension and sakura choose to live in clow country!
how painful! hiks...

Happy everyTiMe! ^_^
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Yes, they make a nice couple



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i think so...

i mean, both really have deep feelings for one another...

although i haven't watched the anime yet,

i did read some articles about it...

it's been years . . . but MT's one and only Sim-chan IS BACK.

..of course they're meant to be, cuz, they perfectly match together....
Banzai! sakura-syaoran

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