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As the title said ^ its a drawings that i drew that i vectored lol... fanart of time-skip Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ^.^ xDDD

eh.... yes my proportions of the left side is screwed XDDD. The colors are plain, without any shadows and highlights -__-....
Original drawing^ i edited some stuff on the left side in the vector... so they looks different on the left side >.>

advice and constructive criticism is greatly apprecieted :).

Also how do you like Simon? LOL



Chinmoku no Tenshi


No worries about the shadows and highlight, since they come after coloring in the base colors. xD Make sure you save the outline and colors in different layers though. ^^;;

Anyways, to the vector and drawing, I think it's pretty good. Nice colors, and Simon looks natural for the most part. =D Though, I do have a few things to point out. xD;;

The ears. To me, they look kinda too small. can looking into the mirror and compare the proportion of the ear to...say like the head. Might look kinda different. ^^;; You might need only 1 ear as well, seeing how Simon is faced at an angle. (Plus people's face are not flat. xD;; ) The eyes seem to be a bit too seperated, but maybe that's just me. ^^;;

To the clothing...I think the left and right side of the coat doesn't really seem natural enough. Like...for the Simon's right side, even if he's still facing at an angle, you should show that with the coat by making it a slight curve or something, rather than more of a straight line down. ^^;; Simon's left side of the coat on the other hand, looks a bit too curved. xD;; Considering he's facing more to the front rather than at a 45 degree angle, the curve for both sides of the coat should probably be similar (Not same. Similar. xD).

Mm...another thing I'd like to point out is the necklace. The cone shaped part looks a bit unnatural to me. xD;; isn't really linear enough with the cylindric part. So probably draw the center line first for both the cone and the cylinder, then draw out the shapes. Also, considering the fact that you can see the flat base of the cone, you might also want to show the flat base of the cylinder. To me it looks more realistic that way. ^^;; Unless you'll show that later when you add in the shading. =) About the cone itself, I'm not too sure how Simon's necklace actually looks like, but...perhaps you can indent the intersections a bit, to make it look more 3D than 2D. Despite the shading, if the outlines ain't good enough, it'll still look kinda weird. xD;; Also, for the string, I suggest you add in a hole, and make one end of the string go through it. The string can't be just glued on. xD;; last thing (although I'm not sure if my observation is correct or not). Seeing that the shirt is open, you might want to add in the chest bones (or whatever it's called), to show some human features. It should make your drawing more realistic. ^^ *points to the mirror* xD

Yep. That's all I could think of at the moment. xD;; (Sorry if I sound too mean.) Just my opinion. I could be totally wrong. xD

Despite all that criticism, still, wonderful work of art. ^^

  • Jul 25, 2007

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