new wallie . . . does it match up to MT standards?

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yes thats right heres my newest wallie i named it memories of you and it is for my friends! :

does it match up to MT standards? if not how can i change it XD

yes i did post a post here before about my deleted wallie so since thats too vibrant i decided to do a purple sunset one XD

finding the stock images was hell DX none of them fitted to my description DX then i found the sunset XD then i needed a balcony >__>;; i was about to give up whne i found a pic XD but it needed extraction so yer in the end it ended up a balcony with a view XD then i had to clean up the scan (there were still some white bits) but i didnt erase it all because some of it kinda gave it like a glow to the hair facing the sun which made it looked more natural XD

so yer the i smuged it a bit to make it a better texture then i blured the edges up to make it blend in and wa lah XD

i put my name thingy on the bottom as a copyright thingy ^^;; hope u dont mind coz most of the artist put their sigs down there ^^;; just ignor it it is NOT part of the artwork just something to say that it was created by me!

so hope u like it ^^

~[ThE heVenLy FeeL [Of]*~ SummEr~*
Plz look at this scan if u like shishi doumei cross!



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Cool wallpaper, with a nice layout. x3

Hm....despite you said that the previous wall is too vibrant *hates to disappoint people, but thinks it's probably better to tell them* but I think it's still a bit too vibrant. ^^;; (Especially with colors like pink and green in my opinion). Also seeing how it's a sunset, I think a color like blue or orange would be more fitting. (Blue if for the night sky. Orange if for the sunlight.) At least, try to create a good scene first, then go mess around with the general colors. (Desaturate, Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Levels, etc...)
Oh yea, when the colors are too vibrant, you can create a new layer on top of everything, fill that new layer with either black, white, or grey, set the Blending Mode of that layer to either Hue/Saturation or Color, then adjust the Opacity to your likings. The wallpaper should look much more pleasant that way. ^_^

Anyways, to details...personally I think either the concrete wall or the metal bars around the girls is unnecessary, especially since the wall and the bar are not parallel/perpendicular to each other, but rather at an angle. ^^;; So maybe just take out one or the other.

Also, be careful when you're blending the main pic (the girls). If you have something like a scene behind (like this case), it'll seem that the girls are like...ghosts/spirits (or maybe just look kinda weird/unnatural), unless you wanted it that way. But even if you wanted them to be like spirits, you should probably lower the Opacity a bit more. ^^;;

The copyright thing is fine, since graphic thieves are not uncommon. xD However, seeing how our taskbars are narrow, you should probably shrink the text a bit more, so it won't show when use on a desktop. ^^ ('cause to me, copyright icons/text/whatever are annoying if you can see them on your desktop).

Despite all the criticism from me, I wouldn't say the wallpaper is that bad. x3

  • Jul 28, 2007

Eh... that hurt my eyes. >.<
I think that your wall needs more work. I think it won't pass the standards if you submit it like that.

The colors are blinding, and the stock photo you used is very obvious. Also, the characters seemed "translucent", like they were fading into the background.

Try using soft, eye-friendly colors so it doesn't make the people go "AHH!", with what just happened to me. You could also try painting the stock background so it blends in with the characters. Don't make the characters stand out from the background, nor make them fade in. Blend them so they go together.

In order to achieve a wall that passes standards, try practicing with Photoshop or whatever program you have - explore its different functions and master them. There are also a lot of tutorials out there to help you. Practice the functions of the program first, and when you've got the hang of it and you're pretty confident, apply these skills to make a wallpaper, and hopefully it will soon meet standards.

You can't be a master overnight - it takes practice and perseverance. Practice makes perfect.

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Rabi to rabu rabu <3


eek. yes, thats bright. My first few walls were really bright too, so I understand what youre doing. First of all, I think you need to change your monitor brightness settings. That was what happened to me. Make your monitor brighter so your walls look really bright to you, and you make them darker = which in turn will make your walls look darker to everyone else. I hope that made sense. I dont know what kind of effects youre using, but it looks like overlay, and I have to admit, overlaying was my absolutely favorite effect in the whole entire world when I started. BUT! Im sorry, youre going to have to part with it sooner or later, so the sooner the better XD.

Like mu-chan said, you need to blend your characters in more. The bg looks okay, but you need to filter your building on the left side more because its obvious that its a stock photo. I dont use filters, but I've seen people use the watercolor filter, or the poster edge(i think thats what its called?) filter. Go throough your filters and figure out which one works the best for you!

You also need to practice on your character extractions, and the image quality doesnt look so great. I dont know if you resized your image, but it looks like someone made the image bigger. I'm not blaming you for that - sometimes scanuploaders upload their scans without realizing that theyre enlarged.

this site has some nice photoshop tutorials -

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