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1st attempt was deleted i have no complaints xD. Based off what the message left, it was too blurry or something like that (its been a while since i read it lol). But if you want to see a comparison between the 2nd attempt and the 1st go right on ahead lol. Also the background are related as an idea, but i really actually repainted everything all the way to the beginning. Also i did not do the vector.

The 1st Attempt @.@

The 2nd Attempt O.o

^large difference in resolutions XDDDDD............. and yes I gave up on making clouds(they turn out looking like... like.... iono...they just don't look like clouds no matter how i try -_-. The 1st attempt was complete luck that it resembles a cloud LOL -__-... I changed the clouds to looking like an aurora instead x.x...... The water is amazingly completely different from the 1st time LOL!... it was my second try at painting water -__-.... took some hours to actually get it right...

anyways should i submit or not? thanks in advance ^.^



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I think the clouds do look like clouds. Just that it's kinda blurry, hence why at a close distance it doesn't look like it. ^^;; As for why it got deleted, yes, the background does look kinda blurry in general. xD;; And, in a real case, the sea and clouds don't blend into each other. They look/are distinctly seperate. You can check it out the next time to go to the beach or something. ^^ Also....the first wall does look kinda plain to me. Like...I only see the average cloud + sea, which the girl put right in the middle of the wallpaper. While the feeling is nice, it...doesn't really appeal. ^^;;
The vector is nice though, so no worries about that part.

For the second wallpaper, while the quality and feeling is nice like the first wall, the background is still kinda blurry. The horizon should be sharp, not blurred. (Otherwise it looks kinda like a scene up in the sky instead of on the ground.) xD;; Even if you insist on having it blurred, only blur it a bit.
To the girl. Personally, I find the outline you applied to the girl to be a bit unnecessary. It does look okay when I look from a further distance, but once I look closely, I don't really like it. ^^;; The glow you applied to the girl looks nice though, and makes sense seeing how the light of the sun will show on her. ^^ Mm...however, I suggest brightening up the girl a bit. Looks a bit too dark in my opinion.
As for anything else I want to say...seeing how it's a sunset, and that the sun is still only about half showing, I think blue doesn't really fit the scene that well. Maybe an orange-ish color would look must better, but whether you want to change it or not that's really up to you. ^^

Good wallpapers though. I like them. =) Just a bit simple for both. You can try adding different decorations to it (instead of just a cloud/aurora and the sea). I think they'll both look much better that way. ^^

Keep up the good work. ^_^b

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looks like you've abused the smudge brush quite a lot on the water. Try not to use the smudge brush if you can, as it gets rid of the texture and makes things blurry. Instead, use a low-opacity, low-flow brush and gently blend using lots of intermediate colours (eyedrop the colours if you have to). I've made a tutorial on how to paint wavey water, but that's just one way of doing it.

The colours look fine, if you're aiming for a sunrise, though maybe add some yellow to that white, and some purple to the blue. For sunset, there should be more oranges.

There's a slight problem with the lighting. If the light source (the sun), was behind the girl, you'd see a silhouette of the girl instead, unless there's a secondary source of light. What you could do is pretend that the sun it to the left of the picture (as suggested by the shading on the girl), and not have it in the picture at all. To fill that bit of empty space to the right of the girl (to make it balanced), maybe add some distant land or something?

clouds... er, they are hard to paint, I'm still trying to figure out how to do it myself ^_^' But again, try not to use the smudge brush too much, instead, use a low-opacity, low-flow brush.


thanks for the help ^.^

i couldn't do much about the burriness, horizon, or the water ^_^'...(i might have to redo the water later not sure yet)... The heavy outline around is mostly gone. She's less dark now, but i still left signs of the small highlights.. i added some color to the aurora.. i have no clue how to make an island ^_^'.... i tried adding birds(i think i should remove them >.>), i tried painting wings.... but they seem to stand out a bit too much and doesn't fit in with the vector at all X-O... some advice or help please lol...



Took out the birds that don't fit in xD. Left the wings there. Repainted the sea and the sky. The sea i avoided using the smudge brush but somehow it ended up looking somewhat blurry -___-! I added sparkles falling from the wings. @.@ should i keep this type of sea or should i bring back the one ^ up there. Also any advice how to get misuzu to blend in with everything better >.> for some reason she sticks out a lot.


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