WIP: Unkown Maid

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The 3rd one, tween the 2nd n 4th



Well ive had this scan ready to for walling for years now, extracted etc. n ive finally started makin somethin of it.

The scan itself is by an unknown artist, least to me:P So if anyone knows the artist please tell, i have a pet peeve about labeling all my walls with the proper artist

Well, on to the wall, the bg ive tried to make look like a chess board, with clouds put in to give it a marble like feeling.
The character was modified, changing her blue dress white so that she can be one of the pawns. (Ive also tried black, looks nice but i like white:P)

I plan to add more pieces, particularly a queen that's cut in half in from of the char (will barely see it, though the top half will prolly be rollin around somewhere)
As well as a few broken pieces lying about, just small pieces of the pieces tho, as the pieces themselves will be gone

Also, the wall is suppose to be 1680x1050, widescreen (so easily cropped for those that dun use wide)
And had to be resized, but have no worries bout extraction quality etc:)

So any criticisms, comments, suggestions are welcome:)

Kids these days... taking love too seriously, shouldn't be worryin about love til they're at LEAST 11 years old


I love the simplicity of the wallie
The render also fits perfectly with the background

Please give me the link to the tut if there is one :P

  • Aug 17, 2007

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