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Konncihiwa Minna-san,

I am happy to say the group has been renewed as such with new:

1. background (whoop, thank goodness for that XD )

2. icon (:3 I like chobits now ^^;; )

3. sections-
feature artwork and also its been tidied up (i,e new sections, 'guest submission codes, application requirements.)

4. New artworks, but ya need to put them into the guestbook so I can add them! (I've added two myself just quickly) ^^

5. Artworks in the group gallery have been updated.

6. Added new music to the mp3 player ( with a new player too, ) I accept requests for any anime song! ^^

7. And as an afternote, are group does accept everyone as its for people who like cute doujins! (all the more better if you draw them! <3)

8. And finally if you have any ideas for the group, please feel free to say, feedback really would be great! ^^

9. I will definately be more active suu~! ^^ You can count on that ;)

Thats all suu~! ^^

Ja ne,

' I like the wind, when I stand against the wind,It sweeps over me and makes me wanna fly...\'



  • Aug 19, 2007

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