Spiral Vector Wallpaper Project Work in Progress

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Why do i title it a project? Because it's the longest time taking wallpaper i've made xD not to mention hyped up about. I still havent finished vectoring Ayumu so it is a work in progress which is going to be placed on the right side. I need ideas for the background. i made my own background pattern and the pattern itself was vectored(any suggestions for replacing the pink color would be nice xD). I "tried" to vector sakura petals without any reference >.>..... i might actually need to redo that xD.... the concept i'm going for is ayumu and hiyono remembering that moment when they hugged xD
. Sorta going for a soft,gentle and relaxing feeling @.@....

All constructive criticism is desperately wanted xD



for the petals, this is the real thing
a white background with a lot of sakura petals (at least 10% covered) would do fine, i guess
of course, these petals would have to be of many sizes (nearer and farther)
ayumu & hiyono are very sweet here :D
good luck

  • Sep 23, 2007

thanks for the feedback @.@.... i decided not to use the sakura petals @.@.... sorry for causing you the trouble >.< gomen gomen @.@... T.T gomen... but if you would like heres the final version xD Our First and Last Embrace by darkheartknight


that is one awesome vector man @_@..... i love it.. T-T sniffle.....
i was gonna paint one actually for someone.... something that looks like that and didn't know which colours to use..... ( uhh sketch first in pencil... then water colour then outline edges with thin felt marker ).... =P but ya that is a good wallpaper.. you've given me some ideas on what i should do on it =3

  • Sep 24, 2007

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