Does Televsion Isolate People?

Does Television Isolate People?

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Internet's worst isolating people I think, because TV's jsut good when you're asleep or things like that, but the Net makes you believe you're not alone. That's not better. :/

  • Sep 29, 2007



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I think TV is just a little thing that can Isolate people, been thinking about this...You don't actually have to watch TV to be isolated and like Vanta said the 'internet' is a way to isolate people(in a way depends on what you do) But there are many things for example if I play guitar I would lock myself in my room and play so I wouldn't get disturbed and I won't really talk to anyone, same with reading it does the same effect, drawing and many other stuff.

But I think TV doesn't isolate people because sometimes families can sit together and watch a movie or something and at the same time talk to each other and chat...So I doubt it Isolates people >.<

  • Sep 30, 2007

Yes. People are isolated by the reality and they use it for escape. You will know the world through the TV but you will not interact with it. I don't know how people can stick to the TV that long, don't they feel bored?

  • Sep 30, 2007

No, Chuck Norris does.

LOL just has to say it, was playing WoW, sorry :(

back on subject, yes and no.



Quote by Mnemeth

Quote by's fairly odd how u'r sayin it has zero power over our psyche, anyways as to that i'll simply advice you to go do some research then come speak, because it's wrong to pass on wrong info.

I don't need to do any research to realize that the TV is a machine, an object with no will of its own. Therefore it cannot influence anyone or anything unless it is picked up and thrown at someone or something. The material shown on a TV (the programming) has the ability to influence and isolate people, but as I will state again in a different way, the TV itself is merely a tool

What you seem to be talking about is actually addiction to television programming (the material on the TV) causing isolation. This has and is happening because people are too lazy or scared to get a life. As far as the influence of the programming well it is greater than other material because it is easily and quickly delivered. Its convenience, easy access to information and entertainment, is the biggest problem yet is the biggest asset to the public. We have almost instant access to what we want to know or choose to watch. As for those individuals that choose to make this their entire world, I would suspect that many of them already suffered from other addictions as well.

this is general talk too, which also led to speaking about the effects as well, although in one way straying away from the topic, but in no way is it a harm to mention since i wanted to mention it to those who didn't actually know about such facts, because it was a shock for me to read by various psychologists and psychiatrists.
I totally agree when you say that it's happening because -->some people are too lazy or scared to get a life(because not all people are that way), other than that i was speaking of the psychological harms since television really did do a great harm. There are some people including myself who basically is never a fan of the television but i am saying that it starts out by watching a TV show then ends up in most cases as an addiction, some people may have the power to maintain mental self-control, but are all capable of doing so? my answer is no, because look at most of the people around us, they really happen to be addicts, and not all have suffered from other addictions as well, maybe most of the ones you've known but definitely not the ones i've known.

Quote by kokuyu wow.....did I hear "freakin brain".......? o_0 X-P


Quote by kokuyuWell, obviously enough going excessively is totally bad. But does being relaxed have to be all that bad?

it's never bad being relaxed, but relaxed watching TV...? x_x

Quote by kokuyuWatching someone pronounces it in TV does make learning interesting. You do not only hear its pronunciation, but also the way it's used in daily lifestyle.
It takes discipline to read a all-words-no-pictures book. Yes, tapes might be the best way to learn pronunciations, but in reality, it is not that easy to get everyone to follow that way. Youngsters nowadays aren't going to be motivated to learn that way, not to mention the busy hectic lifestyle we have now. Perhaps the closest way is through music.......... u r implying in a way it's cheaper to learn from TV than a tutor...if that...then makes sense...... is also the closest...
1) it's live!
2) just like TV the teachers are animated! XD XD X-P
3) and just like TV the teachers talk >.< so not only animation do we have here but also sound, so's almost exactly the same, since in TV your lower brain, the limbic system which can't differentiate between reality and fabricated images, u r in school so it's live just like you limbic system thinks it's live when u r on a couch rather than on a school chair...maybe that's one thing that's uncomfortable and wakin up early XD

Quote by AshuraYamatoYeah I would have to say that it does make you more of an intravert spefically from your family but I have no room to talk because I watch a lot of TV too.

haha~ nah no prob to admit anyways.

Quote by zezlemetYes. SOme people use it as a form of escape.

yup, it is true, some people do use it as a form of escape.

thanx again everyone, was again interesting to read other ppls' views. :)

  • Oct 03, 2007

Yes. Even a family watching a TV show is isolated from one another. I mean, unless they talk all the way through the show and make eye contact with each other, they're being affected by it, and if they're doing those things, they're arguably not watching TV to begin with.



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It depends largely on the person. Some people watch objectively, doing it for a particular program or reason. Others watch generally for the sake of watching. Just turn it on and ...that's that. Usually its rooted in our desire to just look into a another reality, place or time. I mean, when you watch documentaries about stuff that happened before you were born, at least you experience, rather superficially though, something you won't actually be able to in real life.

I still believe there are other activities that are more productive though.

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  • Oct 13, 2007


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I would have to say that TV doesn't isolate as much as we give it credit for, In fact, I think it brings us together in many ways. I will throw out the example of sports on TV, I cannot recall the last time I have watched a college football without at least five other people in a feverish atmosphere. Also, many of the antiquated shows such as Survivor and current hits like American Idol have proven to be social focal points for many a person, providing "watercooler talk" for thousands if not millions at any one given time. Without TV there would much less social fodder for the masses to congregate and converse about.

  • Oct 17, 2007

Yes, TV is islating me from others.

  • Oct 19, 2007

all in all I guess it is an isolation factor. All the news and the interests one used to find out and get from and with other people it is now given in a "box". there is no need to interact in order to get your information. Human interaction does not have the importance it did before the mass-media boom. tv in its self is way over rated. there is no actuall need for all the shows and everything else it presents.
there would be then influence has over people. What one sees on tv is what one does in real life as well... I'm not saying that there wasn't violence in the past, that would be simply idiotic of me. But now, a news about a kid that killed both his parents for not giving him more allowence or the same kid saying, when seeing his dead mother "well, it suit her just fine, she was a b***h anyway and then replying that he saw a kid in some movie killing his parents and he liked the idea.
it's an extreme example, I know, but nontheless true.
I also watch tv every once in a while...and I see the news and all that...
Tv alienates and mind-controles people...(to end it in a very dramatic way :D ).

  • Oct 29, 2007



sanity runs away from me


television has the potential to isolate people, but it depends on the ones watching it. i used to watch tv a lot when i was a kid, but i still socialised with people. actually, back then i used to socialise with ppl more than i do now that i dun really watch tv.
i stopped watching tv regularly (read i rarely watched tv) a few years ago and can't say i've had problems. didn't feel the need to watch it, to put it simply. i've been a little depressed since then, but that was because i had other things to bother me.

i've seen and heard about ppl who come home and do nothing but watch tv, and frankly, i can't understand them. you simply can't like everything you see, it's absurd...
p.s. i've had a similar discussion in class.


i dont think it does i mean it could perhaps but its also a family thing too but no i dont think it does.

  • Oct 30, 2007

No as when you think about at the time you are normally isolated but late on people talk about the TV show. But If TV is what you do in your free time you need a new topic. I don't watch TV but that what I do. But other watch TV to fit in so it all dependences on the person. But remember life is about enjoy yourself and living the now so if TV is part of your life and something you enjoy then so be it. People say that we a social animals but that does not mean that you have to be sociable .


Television doesnt so much isolate a person as it does consume time. Time consumption is only as important as the one using it makes it. If a person decides to watch more tv than the next person so be it. It doesnt mean an isolation, just a different use of time.


  • Oct 31, 2007

TV, alone, does not isolate people, IMO. It's the choice of the people watching. But, yes, TV SHOWS can make people close their world. But, in the end, it is really our own choice.

  • Nov 06, 2007

In terms of getting outside the house and doing things with others, yes, I think TV isolates people.
However, TV often brings my busy family together and we can enjoy a show, or most of the time, a movie.
I guess always watching TV would isolate people.

  • Nov 07, 2007

On one hand, it does. But if you look at it this way: TV features a lot people, so, in a way, TV does not really isolate people.

  • Nov 08, 2007





isolate? not really ... it depends on the individual

control rather ... yes the TV/media can control people like rats in a maze
for example if the media/TV feeds you false information/lies your actions will be an extention of those lies.

don't believe me? watch and open up your mind:
- Zeitgeist
- EndGame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement
- Why We Fight
- America (Freedom to Fascism)
- for yourself ... educate yourself ... don't expect the goverment or the corporate media to open your eyes

there's so much more...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

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