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Pastaaaa <3


~Wings-Lovers Maigetsu~
Banner by Rikkablurhound from the last banner contest.

Hello! This is the first ever Maigetsu of WL! *Squeal!*

Just like MT, we have our very own Maigetsu! I have been inactive recently because of hectic college life. But now, I have the chance to do something for the group. (Enjoy it while it lasts...) ^_^' Every month I'll post our Maigetsu filled with news, features and of course Wings madness! This is for the month of October.

Recently on WL:

Did you know that our Mod yothsothgoth recently got engaged? Congratulate her immediately! Her long-time boyfriend for 5 years proposed. Maybe on the next issue, we'll fully interview her about it. Wait for it!

Where's Admin BlueAngel17?
BlueAngel17 a.k.a Kat. She used to be WL's commanding officer. Where is she now? We haven't heard from her in a while. sailorchiron has replaced her job as the WL page's layout designer. On the last conversation with her, she said that she was just busy and stopped and focused for a while on her career. Am I right? Anyways...

Contest for Everyone Update
Our latest (well... Its been there for a while) layout is eternallegend's Perils of Life . As you can see the layout, even the welcome banner is Purple or Violet... Whichever! And its my favorite color! Big deal... On the ongoing contest held by sailorchiron, the greatest entry could be the next layout for WL. So keep those works coming! Send your entries to sailorchiron. Again, a reminder to all of the contest mechanics.

September Contest: Back to School
Verdict: Tears in Heaven by abul
October Contest: October Leaves
- There must be autumn leaves present. It could be Halloween themed. And of course, it must have wings.
November Contest: Winter Romance
- There must be a couple in snow. The wings can either be in the couple or the surroundings, like um... Birds? But its winter! There aren't any birds! Be creative and surprise us.
December Contest: Holiday Time
- Must have holiday spirit. Angels certainly, are great additions. And of course, it must have wings.
Alternate Contest: Southern Hemisphere
- For those who live where snow isn't seen. Like me. A tropical theme. And of course, it must have wings.

For more information go to this thread or ask our Admin sailorchiron.

Featured Works
We Admins and Mod pick out special works every week and feature them on our page. We promise to give very specific descriptions to every work. I heard a rant from somebody that the Admins aren't giving much appreciation to the submitted works. sailorchiron apologizes for this oversight and promises better features descriptions in the future. She told me that she's been totally stressed out and can't do much stuff. Thus I have made a decision... Read on.

WL Stuff

Since this is the first Maigetsu of WL, there isn't much to say... So we're preparing for the next issue.

Featured Work for the Month
This is the portion of the issue where we feature the greatest wall of our choice for the month. Whether in a contest or not. We think its amazing we'll put it here.

Featured for the Month of October
Tears in Heaven by abul

Chosen By: gel-chan
Why: Its the winner of the September Contest. A very unique concept of wings! I've never seen rainbow wings before! Maybe on fairy wings but never feathered wings. LOL... I thought she was a parrot. Abul creates such interesting walls... The expression is adorable! The details are great!Worth full-viewing. A definite fave! Awesome work! Don't you think so?

Featured Member
There is no featured member yet. YOU can be our featured member! How? These are the mechanics:

How to be a featured member:
1.) Must have at least 2 works which have winged characters.
2.) Have been in WL for at least 4 weeks.
3.) Has contributed in any aspect of WL
4.) Write a 100 maximum (doesn't need to be precise) word essay on why you deserve to be featured on this group. Include the information below.
Name(Real name)
Type of artist (waller, vector-er, doujinshi artist)
Favorite Anime
Favorite Anime Character
Why you love wings

Submit it to ME. The essay will be published on the next issue.
5.) The featured member will get to feature his best winged work.
6.) The feature member will receive an award. Courtesy of sailorchiron.

So what are you waiting for?! Enter now! Its your time to stand out and spread your wings! Deadline of Entries are on November 10, 2007.

The Search for the Next Admin!
Yes, that's right. Since sailorchiron can't handle all the work and BlueAngel17 and I are busy. We need 1 more person to handle stuff around WL. This where I left off in the Featured Works part. The more the merrier I say! I will temporarily strip BlueAngel17's position as Admin. The things the new Admin will be doing: creating reward images, doing the page tweaks and advertising the group. Here are the requirements.

-must have managed another group (preferably an active group)
-has knowledge on changing/designing the group's page
-always active in MT
-pleasing personality (not too strict on rules, friendly, shows concern for other members)
-knows how to deal with photoshop
-should know how to use CSS and HTML for the modification of the site. We really really need it.

Pass your resumes to ME and sailorchiron. We'll discuss this and agree whether the applicant is suitable for the job. Good luck to all aspiring Admins!

Get to Know Your WL Staff!
Since (again) this is the first issue, I haven't got the chance to interview my fellow staff members. So... I get to interview myself first... Isn't that insane? Hahaha... XD


Position: Administrator
Work/job: Ideas Manager and Consultant, Commanding Officer, Group Activities Manager (I can't do the page's layout, I'm inexperienced)
Age: 16
Type of Artist: Doujinshi Artist
Favorite Anime: Card Captor Sakura, an unforgettable anime, influenced me to love anime more.
Favorite Anime Character: Mint Blancmanche from Galaxy Angel. She's dangerously cute. Innocent yet intellectual. Nice yet devlish. Kinda like me!
Why You Like Wings: I love wings... There like a symbolic figure of freedom. I also like to fly, just gliding through the air and feeling wind on my hair. They also symbolize calm collectedness. I love feathered wings the most, especially angel wings. I have it in my name!

Random Questions:

Single or Taken?

Favorite Food?
-Italian. Pizza and Pasta.

Three things you are wearing right now?
-green tank top, white shorts, grey jacket.

Have you ever been given roses?
-no, it would be nice to receive one though... (looks at boyfriend angrily)

Silliest Punch Line ever heard?
-"Gummy bears are the best, the great thing about them is that they don't complain whenever you bite their heads off" (so disturbing... but its funny)

What are you addicted to?
-jeans, bags and flip flops

Got these questions from somewhere... Moving on!

Frequently Asked Questions and Suggestions

Ask the Admins and Mod about your concerns and suggestions. We'll answer them on the next issue...

That's all the time we have! Please look forward to the next issue! If you'd like us to have another issue... Hope you enjoyed reading!


(c) Wings-Lovers Maigetsu by gel-chan; any part of the WL-Maigetsu or in its entirety cannot be reproduced in other publications without prior permission from the author(s).

"My last sig quote was rather plain so I changed it to something cool like this."
Wings-Lovers Administrator, Doujinshi-Support-Club Contestant & The-Ultimate-Coordinator Moderator



We can protect each other


Hi gel-chan...
I'm one of the member here...well, I was wondering, since my walling and vectoring skills is still 99.9 unperfect, is there anything I could do here?
You see, I really hate to be an inactive member....
Please, I hope there's something I could do to help around...^////^

Please join various~ANME~fanfics group...^^,

  • Oct 20, 2007

oh great! =)
i really enjoyed reading ;)
oh and thxalot for featuring my wallie and for the sweatest comment too :)
wow.... i have everything [oh well almost everything] that it takes to be a mod XD
nice nice nice! and now i know everything about you >:D XD
well what else to say, waiting for the next issue ;)

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close the world, txEn eht nepo



I miss you MT <3


Wow cool, never knew WL had a Maigetsu! Nice issue, it was an interesting and informative read! Great idea. I look forward to next time!




Lose the Pride.


Alden's specs to be a featured member for Wings Lovers.

1) "Must have two works with winged characters"
Me: I'm an artist with no scanner. And I never drawn winged characters before.

2) "Had been in WL for at least four weeks"
Me: I'm not even a member.

3) "Has contributed in any aspect of WL"
Me: ....................

4) "Write a 100 maximum (doesn't need to be precise) word essay on why you deserve to be featured on this group. Include the information below.
Name(Real name), Age, Type of artist (waller, vector-er, doujinshi artist), Favorite Anime, Favorite Anime Character, Why you love wings"
Me: My name is Alden. I deserve to be a featured member cuz.... *Falls asleep* .... *Wakes up again* Huh? What? .....

5) "The featured member will get to feature his best winged work"
Me: *Hides works. Thinls of a way to make a scanner with limited budget* ....

6) "The feature member will receive an award. Courtesy of sailorchiron"
Me: Dam. *Smashes my head on keyboard. Then leaves*

Click ----> Japanese Lover! ^_^

  • Oct 21, 2007



Fallen Grace


Wow, this is quite interesting. Yeah, I never knew there was a Maigetsu for WL. :o

Interesting and congratulations abul-chan. ^^



call me tuna!


woah! i didn't know that WL has a Maigetsu o:
anyways all the stuffs are quite intersting :D
i think it is almost same as the MT-Maigetsu though with more images and stuffs ^_^'

anyways great job on this first issue though i'm not even a member ehehe
congratz btw at abul-sama! ;)

soul-eater-shibusen sword-shana-lily tsubasa clampfans



You came along and cut me loose


YAY gel-chan! I love that we have a WL Maigetsu! :D I think its awesome! ^^
Thank you for the little tidbit on me! *blush* I'm really flattered. ^_^'

Congrats abul! Great work! ;)



Abomidable Snow-Woman


Quote by gel-chan
(Enjoy it while it lasts...)

Hahah. That was funny XD

Ahem, anyways. A WL Maigetsu would be a good idea, but it would take a pretty long ammount of time to plan things out, get things done and etc. I'm pretty sure it would clash with your 'hectic college life.' Which would suck x_O Ah, well, try your best I guess :)

Oh hey, just a bit off topic, but I am planning on making a halloween wallpaper... Hopefully.



En Memoria


very interesting...

I think that it would be a good idea, as long as it isn't too hard to maintain.

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  • Oct 22, 2007



In The Clouds


wow. i'm stripped off. O.o

but it's ok, since I don't participate in Minitokyo anymore as an artist. I just visit the site to keep updated and browse stuff.

but i'm not dead. =.=

anyways, good luck on the contests.. wish you guys luck. ^^

Love it? Click HERE to view my wall site. ^^





I really like the idea of having a WL Maigetsu=D
I hope I can participate on the November contest.. i am not sure if I can finish my idea on time (Yehaa I now, it is still october, but in november I will be very busy)

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