Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu... what happened?

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I finished watching Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu yesterday and left me with unanswered questions

First question is, who is Iriya really fighting with?
This anime kinda reminded me of Saikano where I had no idea who Chiise was fighting with in the first place
Both animes were fighting against an unknown enemy (at least to the audience) for the survival of Earth

If I translated it correctly, I believe the war was between humans who secretly made UFOs (correct me if I'm wrong)
But Iriya is the only one left to pilot the Black Manta (or whatever it was called).... so who was she fighting with?
Or was she fighting with aliens?......

Also in the end, when Asaba convinced her to fight again, what happened to her?
Did she die?
I didn't get what the letter that Asaba recieved in the end was referring to

Hope somebody can explain to me >.<

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Poor you XD no1 answered for almost an year!? do u still have doubts!? haha sorry xD

I saw it too and I remember getting the feeling that she died in the end. As for who she was fighting with.. I have no idea



ぬいぐるみ !


you never know she could have been fighting with herself...for some odd reason some anime do that, here as of late it's been common, more so than others...where the character is in internal termoil with themselves and in the end it literally kills them



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