Deaths in DGM?[spoilers unless up to date with manga]

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Sooo, the question here is, who do you think will die in D.Gray-man?

Alright, I'm convinced that Krory will die somewhere along the way. Why? Well, we already know all we need to know about him; his past and what his Innocence can do. He is now an expendable character.

There's a chance Allen will 'die' again, but we all know he'll spring back up like a freaking dasiy again anyway so he doesn't count.

We don't know enough about Lavi yet for him to die; his Innocence was recently shattered, so that gives gim room to have an improved Innocence courtesy of Komui (It better stay as a hammer though. There were sooo many innuendos that arose from that hammer. :D). We know about his past and all, but not much before he wanted to become Bookman.

Kanda is out of the question. The lotus in the waterfilled hour glass? The tattoo that got bigger during his fight with Skin? And his Innocence was shattered too, so he's not out of the game yet. Besides, if Kanda goes, who takes over the role of heartless jerk? ;P
So yeah, we know close to nothing about Kandaman. =[

Chaoji... can't say much about him; he just got his innocence. It'd be kind of a waste for him to die just like that.

Lenalee... well, I'd /like/ her to die. ^_^' But I'm not sure if she will. Her Innocence needs to be fixed too.

Miranda... I don't want her to die. She's so cute. xP;

And Bookman? Gee I nearly forgot about him... If he dies, Lavi is left like a lost sheep, since he still has a long way to go before becoming a Bookman. So yeah..

What are your thoughts on this matter? :o


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Duplicate of Deaths in DGM?[spoilers unless up to date with manga]

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