Final Feelings about Kikyou

Feelings about Kikyou

I still completely detest her
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I detest her, but not as much as i used to
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She's ok
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A great character, well developed
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Well... i jus thappened to skip from the end of the anime to the parts where kikyou were xD... and finished reading chapter 465.. Note that i'm a kikyou fan to begin with, but i do NOT hate kagome. I'm perfectly fine with her. Also no flaming and bashing which would make this a kikyou vs kagome war. Only state you feelings about her after this event.

Spoiler (show)

Kikyou dies T.T for good... She became her old good self again ^.^... She saved Miroku..
Also if you think kikyou did not feel any remorse about shooting the arrow at inuyasha in the past, @.@... in the anime they don't show it... but she was actually crying when she shot the arrow @.@

Quotes when Kagome cries for not being able to save kikyou.

Kagome - 'I'm so sorry, kikyou... I'm so sorry...' with hands over her face as she cries.
Kikyou - 'Do not cry, Kagome, It is my soul that has been saved...'

Quotes from the manga when Kikyou's dying in Inuyasha's arms

Kikyou "Back then"
Inuyasha "Kikyou?!"
K "Do you remember... Inuyasha... Before we were split apart by Naraku..."
k "Inuyasha... why don't you use the shikon no tama... and become human?
I "If I become human what'll happen to you, Kikyou?"
K "I am the protector of the jewel, if the jewel disappears... I will come an ordinary woman."
Flash back ends.
I "Like I could forget that. At that time I intended to become human and live together with you.."
K "I have finally... become an ordinary women" smiles gently T.T-i fall into a corner and hide in the shadows twirling my finger on the floor
I "Kikyou... Since the day I was born you were the first women I ever loved. But even so.... I wasn't able to do anything... (tear drops)"
K "This is the first I've seen it... Inuyasha... I've never seen you make such a face and cry like that..."
I "Kikyou, I... I wasn't able to save you! (eyes hidden by hair tears flowing)
K "...You... came for me... and that's good enough..." Smiles brightly and softly "
I "Kikyou..."
Then he kisses her.
K 'Inuyasha...' tears drop a bit and closes her eyes while smiling.'
Kikyou dissapears as a light.
Kagome coments how the light(kikyou's soul) is warm.

Also she saved Kohaku after he died by giving up the shard to Naraku and leaving her light inside kohaku instead of leaving her light in the shard to destroy Naraku... She is back to her old self for sure.

If you didn't read that part if you don't mind being spoiled read the spoiler above, i put the major events that caught my attention. After all this, i don't know if you still detest her or not. But this really just made me like her even more. (although I was a kikyou fan to begin with)

*sorry for spelling errors on names xD... i just recently looked at it after 1 year or 2 of not watching inuyasha*



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I never really detested her. I'm like you, I don't hate Kagome or anything, I just really like Kikyou as a character (though not actually with Inuyasha, oddly enough). I thought she was developed very well. Though I haven't seen the end of the show ^_^' I'm not really sure she could do anything bad enough for me to hate her, save suddenly selling drugs to little kids... And I'm just gonna assume that doesn't happen <_<

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I've always pitied Kikyo, and I've never disliked her, ever. I do like Kagome very much, too. Kikyo never asked to be brought back to life, and she did die believing Inuyasha betrayed her, just as he died believing she betrayed him.

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