What's the deal Konami!?!

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I'm so angery with Konami lately - and apparently along with other duelists aswell. First of all, realize that my biggest gripes are about the Sneek Previews. I've been attending those Sneek Previews for over a year now and the recent changes are so frusterating! Foremost, no longer are the promo cards Ultra Rare anymore - or useable for that matter. They're always based off of some "theme" in the pack. What's more, the Secret Rares may be back, but they're lousy cards. But my biggest problem is this: no longer do the American cards match the values of their Japanese orginals. When one checks the internet and learns that his favorite card of Galdiator's Assult is only a Super Rare, one builds up hope that it won't be to hard to obtain. But when one attends the Sneek Preview and discovers that the same card has become an Ultra Rare, or worst: Secret Rare, one is filled with rage and confusion. This first started with the Tactical Evolution pack when Rainbow Dragon was only released as a Secret Rare, and the impossible to obtain, Ghost Rare. I've seen Japanese Rare cards go all the way up to Ultra Rare value! *IE, this Crystal Seeker I pulled - I couldn't believe it was an Ultra Rare!* Long story short, I'm not to pleased with Konami/UpperDeck lately...

  • Nov 27, 2007




Well... Konami is crazy ^^U, by the way... Rainbow Dragon is in Ghost Rare?... do that type of rare card can exist?... I've never heard of "Ghost Rare" cards ^^U. Sorry for my ignorance ^^U.

  • Dec 17, 2007

Check out this link: http://www.ideal808.com/product.asp?ID=27939 That will get you up to speed! LOL

  • Dec 18, 2007

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