Shakugan no Shana II: Episode 07 "Ike Hayato,His Glorious Day"

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Episode 07 is now out!
Here is a short summary for this episode!

Episode 07 Ike Hayato, His Glorious Day
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Ike has been meticulously planning a trip to the amusement park so that Konoe and his friends can have fun, though his true goal is to ride the Ferris wheel with Kazumi. He likes to think that good memories are created through good planning, and he hopes his leadership and reliability will appeal to Kazumi. When they arrive inside the park though, the first ride that Konoe chooses to go on is a go kart ride made for children. Everyone except for Konoe and Shana is embarrassed to be riding with all these kids, and Ike even gets carsick afterwards. When Konoe chooses another children-oriented attraction afterwards, Eita and Keisaku suggest that they split up instead into two groups and go different ways. Unfortunately for the two of them, they get Shana in their group, and she wants to do the bungee jump......

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