Shakugan no Shana II: Episode 08 "Door to the Past"

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Episode 08 is now out!
Here is a short summary for this episode!

Episode 08 Door to the Past
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Waking up after a nightmare of an armored knight killing everyone and haunting her, Margery wakes up to find herself still in Keisaku's home. Across town, Yuuji is being trained by Wilhelmina and Shana, the former of whom summons a Rinne for him to fight. Though scared, Yuuji meets the Rinne's punch with his own fists and dispels it. Alastor observes Yuuji's progress and suggests afterwards that it's time to advance to the next step: the creation of unrestricted methods. As for the Reiji Maigo and its kaikin, Wilhelmina reports that it's still being investigated, but Alastor thinks that Yuuji should just concentrate on the task at hand. That night, Wilhelmina is poring through several stacks of books when she comes across a name - Pheles - and decides that she has to go somewhere for a while. Keisaku meanwhile returns home after having watched Yuuji's training and asks Margery to train him too. He doesn't care what it is, as long as he'll be able to do something so that he can go along with her and help her. Margery, however, thinks that he'll die. Since she also thinks that he and Tanaka don't understand, she decides to tell them about her past........

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