Rain Forests around the World BEOMING extinct!

Do you believe the RainForest should Be cut/burned?

Yes, cause i dont care about the After Math.
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YES, I dont care
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Ummmm...... whats a rainforest?
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No, we need the Rain Forest!
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No, thats just Stupid
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No!, we should protect the Rain Forests.
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Hello there i would like to know your opinion about the Rain Forests and about them being endangered if you dont care about being ecofriendly or about animal species being extinct or the fact that theres no more lushious biome. its tropical friendly deadly ancient and pretty... Or if you DONT know what a rain forest is well thats really sad so heres a link to tell you what a rain forest is.. Http://www.thewildclassroom.com/

About the Rain Forest=
Well heres what i thought about the rain foest being eliminated.
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Bastards you want the earth to be wastelands.

Of course i had other words to say, once i regained my composure.

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Thesis Statement

To help save the Endangered Rain Forests, people must buy more locally grown goods giving less pressure to Rain Forests.

First Paragraph.

How can wood-mills and Farmers cut down our air suply for their short-term benifit.While what happens after that is flooding, extinct animals, tribes lost, and what more people need more than money is med's and those plants that can help are being cut or burned along with the rest of the Rain Forest Life. The Rain Forest consistes of our daily diet and luxuary known as coco, coffee, Bannana's........ to get these food products you have to cut the forest down! Removing the forest at its current rate is going to be disasterous, more than 50 species of Rain Forest life will be wiped out everyday. These old gigantic trees make a little more than 1/3 of our clean air supply, Daily. These special forests shouldnt be cut down because of what they give to us; Medicene, Homes, and Wonder.

Last Paragraph.

People should be warned that what they are doing is wrong, well guess what most people already know and they dont care. They dont care that the rain forest is important, basically the human kind is a non-dying parasite to these certain forests , these raon forests.
Through the 1992 to 1999 a show called captain Planet focused on what was destroying the enviorment which some folks didnt like it so after a few years Captain planet tvs kid show was canceled. I have watched this show when I was a littile and I that what most grownups did was bad for the enivorment and they always had to watch out. Now that Captain Planet is off the air, more than twice the distruction is happening. As we travel from home to work on the cit bus or the underground train, our air supply is being cut back, land is being cleared, tribal homes are being lost, and amphibians, mammals, marsupials, insects, aquatic, plants, ancient trees and last bird life is being extinguished. All for what the demand of economys(...) food items! Its STUPID, stop cutting down the Rain Forest or earth will become in 2 centurys a WATELAND.

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so please tell me what s your opinon on Rainforest deforestation.....


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Rain Forests around the World BEOMING extinct!

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