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Hello. I just finished watching Bokura ga Ita last night and have to admit the ending made me a bit teary-eyed. I also saw the last 10 pages of volume 8 of the manga which would have replaced the last 2 minutes of the last episode of the anime. In those last 10 pages, it showed Takahashi Nanami, 21 years old, in college 3 years later. However, these lines kinda confused me.

Friend: The classics lecture has been canceled.
Nanami: Yeah, I just saw. I'm heading back to the dorm to get some sleep.

"Once again I dream of a dream that can never be"

Nanami: Ah, a text message...Takeuchi-kun?

"In that dream...he swoops down and takes me away.
How do I know it'll never be?

The next page shows the last scene in the last episode wherein Nanami is on the platform of the train station while watching Yano's train leave.

Nanami on the same page:
"Because that was....the last time I'd ever seen Yano."

Can anyone clarify why she said those things? Why was that the last time she saw Yano? What happened to Yano? Didn't they ever see each other again? It was Yano she was talking about in her dream, right?

Or could there still be a season 2 coming? Or could there still be a continuation in the manga?

Crap, I won't be able to sleep properly until I know what really happened! Though the manga did warn me of a cliffhanger.



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Just wrote you a mini summary in your guestbook hope it helps. ^.^

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  • Dec 15, 2007

Thanks KareiNoTenshi! From the summary and the stuff I've read so far, I made another summary.

I'm now on the forums of about BGI and also reading the manga. The rest of the story looks awesome! A lot more ups and downs.

For the rest of you who want a brief continuation after the anime, I'll try to summarize the latest happenings. Enjoy!

Long summary(scroll down for shorter summary but less detailed)
A summary of what happened to Yano in Tokyo:

He has moved to Tokyo to continue his last year of high school, where, like in his old high school and middle school, he had a lot of female admirers immediately. One of them was the new girl, Akiko.

Akiko is a good girl. She likes Yano, but she also knows that he is having a long distance relationship, and she felt that Yano was very deeply rooted in Nana, so she didn't attempt to make her feelings known at all. But she was there to support Yano. When Yano was down cause of loneliness, and wanted some words of encouragement, Akiko gave him genuine support.

One day, Akiko goes to Yano's house with her dog in attempt to cheer him up, knowing that Yano had a dog back where he used to live, and there she met Yuri. Yuri paid Yano a visit.

He asked what they were doing at his place. Yuri said she just wanted to come and see him, and she didn't have a place to live, and neither did she have money, hinting to him that she wanted to live there. Akiko noticed it too, and waited for Yano's response. Yano rejected her outright, telling her that it's impossible for her to live at his place. Akiko then said Yuri could live at her place cause she had extra rooms.

The day after, the three of them went out for a tour around the town. They stopped by a shop, and Yuri wanted to buy a bag that Yano wanted to get for Nana, but ended up didn't. Again, Akiko noticed this, got Yano outside, and asked Yano. She said, for a girl to come from so far just to pay you a visit, and then dropping hints left and right, that's a clear sign that she hasn't given up, even knowing that he already had a girlfriend. She said, for Yuri to be so persistent even though Yano treated every girl other than his girlfriend like air, could it be because Yano had accepted her before?

Yano didn't come up with an answer, he was shocked to realized that, and so was Akiko after realizing why he didn't answer. Akiko then left by herself in confusion. Yano met up with Yuri again, and now realizing the problem, he made himself extremely clear. He told Yuri to go back, because he can't do anything for her. He knows that she likes him, but he already has Nanami. He said, even if Nana didn't exist, he wouldn't have liked her anyway. He added that what happened to them in middle school after Nana-san died was a mistake, and he isn't going to make the same mistake twice. He asked Yuri not to expect anything from him anymore.

As Yuri was leaving, Yuri told him that even though it might seem like a mistake to him now, it wasn't one to her, in fact it was an important incident for her. She said that when he was with her, she felt loved for the first time, she felt that she was important and worthy, and that she was very very happy. She asked him not to treat her as if nothing had ever happened between them because of that, and then she left.

Yano got a part-time job to get more money so he can call Nanami more and buy more gifts, and maybe even pay her a visit. Things took a downturn as his mom's health went down. She had cancer and lived in the hospital for a month. She also got a paycut, and the financial situation of the family suddenly looked very dim.

One of his "friends" knew about it, approached him and asked him to do illegal jobs to earn quick money, Yano refused and they got into an argument, eventually leading to a fight.

Because of Yano's work, his grades have been steadily declining, and Akiko was really worried. She made good notes and photocopied them and gave it to Yano, asking him to study from them, but Yano refused. He said he didn't even know if he is going to an university now, because of all the things that has been happening. But then later, in a swimming race, Akiko beat Yano, and before they raced they said whoever wins will get to tell the loser what to do, and she asked him to accept her notes and read them for at least 15 minutes a day, and Yano agreed.

The night before Yano's mom would be able to return home, Akiko and her group of friends decided to hold a party for him. While returning, Yano dropped the notebook. Akiko picked it up and sees it, then Yano tells her that he has been reading it for 30 minutes everyday. Then Akiko couldn't hold in anymore, and she said, she didn't want to be a spectator. She said if there is something he really wanted to protect, she will help out as well. The things that are important to Yano, she also wanted to protect. She will be his support, his stress, the things that he want to tell Nana but couldn't, she will take them all up for him. She asked him to tell him everything.

Nana also IS in Tokyo but she's in a different University, meaning she didn't get into the one which she & Yano planned to get in. Apart from her studies, she's struggling looking for a job. Takeuchi however has already found a job and is moving out of the dorm to live alone. It seems that Nana has been looking for Yano since she arrived to Tokyo, she even called his grandparent's house but nobody answered. She contacted all his friends but none knew where he seems he stopped calling 6 months before she moved to Tokyo. She thinks to herself "now I understand that as time goes by...people change...people's feelings change...but for me...the only thing that will still be the same is the person who disappeared behind the tracks".

Yamomoto isn't in Tokyo anymore, she went back to Sapporo... juggling two jobs. Nana found this out when she spoke to Mizu-chin on the phone, this left her wondering after she hung up "Could Yamamoto know where Yano is?" Soon after, Takeuchi asks Nana to go to the festival with him. She meets him in a Yukata and Take then reminds her of the first day she wore the Yukata. Nana becomes upset and remembers Yano. Take gets annoyed and tells her that Yano is never going to come back for her and that she should just move on. Nana starts crying and tells him to stop saying that. Take then strokes her cheeks and asks Nana to move in with him. Then they kiss, but Nanami thinks of Yano while doing so. She only agrees to start dating him though, not start to live with him yet.

Nana also made a new friend in Tokyo. At a job interview. This new friend of hers knew all about Yano and his whereabouts, but she never told Nana about it and pretended to just be one of Nana's middle school friend's friend because she felt that Nana never needed to know. But then after seeing how much Nana still thinks of him, she admits "but now I feel that I should have told Nana about it.."

That new friend's name was Akiko.

Yano's mom's good friend came to visit and wants to take in Yano because she doesn't have kids (if you remember Yano's mom had an affair with her friend's husband and got pregnant with Yano) and her husband passed away. Yano's mom is afraid that Yano will leave her and gets paranoid often despite Yano reassuring her that he wouldn't leave her. Her condition worsens and the doctor wants her to get better before she continue the cancer medication. Yano's birthday is approaching and he calls Takahashi. She said she sent him a present. He goes back and finds the present, gets overwhelmed and immediately books a ticket back to see Takahashi. Yano's mom asks him if he's leaving her and he said he's just going back to see Nana and will be back in a few days. Yano gets very excited that night about meeting Nana only to find that his mother hanged herself the next morning as he's leaving for the airport. Twice he made the attempt to return to Hokkaido to see her, but failed to do so because of his mother.

Filled with guilt Yano wants to put the past behind him and get a new life. That's the part where Aki says "We've lost Yano".

And after Yano's mother dies, he suddenly just disappears talking only to Takeuchi for the last time and leaving Nanami to him. But Yano told him not to tell Nana that they've been keeping in touch. Takeuchi has been in touch with Yano over the past 4-5 years. Roughly half a year later, he made a phone call to Nanami's house which was then picked up by her mother. This too, was not told to Nanami until she was 21 years old.

Yano's personality appears to undergo a change. He has since started dating many girls, but states that he "does not treat girls like anything important" anymore. During this whole time, Yamamoto Yuri has not given up on him.

Yano is still missing and blames himself for his mother's death.

Later in their twenties, they start working. Nanami and Aki are working for the same company. Nanami and Takeuchi are dating but are both busy with work and can't see each other very often. Takeuchi and Nanami still think about Yano.

Takeuchi asks Nana to make sure she's free on 27th (her birthday). Take buys a ring and plans to propose to Nana on her birthday. Aki saw Take walking out of the jewellery store and teases Take (she always ask Nana if they're really dating). They talk a bit about Yano, what will they do if he reappears and all.

Aki was asked to do an interview with another company their's works with and sees a business card of the person she is to meet. She was told that he's a player with a pretty face. The name on a card was... -------- Motoharu.

Aki then goes to visit the guy to see if he is really Yano. On his desk she sees a photo of Nanami and manages to meet him.

Aki goes and finds that the "Motoharu" on the business card is in fact Yano, although he's taken his new stepfather's surname. He is working with a design company that the magazine is doing a story on, I think. He tells her he's glad when she confirms to him that Nana is going out with Take. All he wants is for her to be happy. She goes back to her office and tells Nana about the meeting and Nana collapses, right there at work. But then she refuses to accompany Aki the next day back to the design office -- the same day that Take plans to propose to her, which Aki knows but Nana doesn't.

Yano knew Nanami worked at the same place as Aki and is seeing Takeuchi. Aki asked if that was okay with Yano, He answers that's what he wanted. Later Nanami confirmed she won't meet Yano and will continue to see Takeuchi. Next, we see Yano thinking about his meeting with Aki and his happy times with Nanami. As he enters his house, Yamamoto Yuri is standing there folding laundry and greets him "Welcome home". Yano replies "I'm back". Yes, Yano is now living with Yuri.

And finally, Takeuchi proposes to Nanami for marriage.
That's best turn of events in the BGI manga imo. I won't settle for anything but a Nanami-Yano pairing!

Shorter summary:

The anime basically follows through the plot line of the manga until Yano and his mom move, leaving Nanami behind. The story continues with Nanami, 21 years old and in her final year at S Girl's College (since she did not manage to enter J University), and already living in Tokyo. It turns out that she has not seen Yano for consecutively 5 years since the parting at the train station. Half a year into Yano's arriving at Tokyo and he completely cut off all communications with Nanami. The reason to this is unknown at this point, leaving Nanami both heartbroken and confused. It is believed that no one knows what happened to Yano. The story follows on, with Nanami deciding to leave her feelings for Yano behind and begins dating Takeuchi. However, the latter soon confesses that he did meet up with Yano (and was probably the last person to see him) before Yano actually disappeared.

It turns out that ever since moving into Tokyo, Yano ran into alot of problems such as financial difficulties, finding a place for his dog, Lalami to live in (thanks to a close classmate who later falls for him and even meets Nanami in the company they work at), and his mother's health problems. His mother's health deteriorates both mentally and physically (especially after Yano's dead father's wife shows up with the incline to take Yano back with her). Throughout this time, Yano has kept his problems from Nanami, in hope that she can concentrate on her studies. Twice he made the attempt to return to Hokkaido to see her, but failed to do so because of his mother. This is unknown to Nanami, however. Finally, Yano's mother took her own life (note that this takes place around half a year after Yano's arrival at Tokyo). Since the funeral, it is stated that Yano 'completely vanished'. It is shown that he did see Takeuchi around this time, telling the latter that he is leaving Nanami in his care, and that he has decided to give up everything from his past, even those dearest to him. Yano seems to believe that it was his fault that his mother committed suicide, stating that 'I was the one who killed her'. Roughly half a year later, he made a phone call to Nanami's house which was then picked up by her mother. This too, was not told to Nanami until she was 21 years old. Yano's personality appears to undergo a change. He has since started dating many girls, but states that he "does not treat girls like anything important" anymore. During this whole time, Yamamoto Yuri has not given up on him.

The story continues a year after Nanami realizes the truth, with the close classmate who now works with Nanami in the same company, suspecting that she may have found Yano. Her suspicions turn out to be correct. However, though Yano is aware of Nanami's whereabouts and her relationship with Takeuchi, he makes no move to see her. The same goes with Nanami even after realizing that their company is now working with Yano. It is shown that Yano is now living with Yamamoto Yuri, in which he later reveals that Nanami is different from Nana-san and his mother. However difficult the situation is, Nanami will strongly continue on. Thus one can safely assume he chose Yamamoto out of pity.

On the day of Nanami's birthday, as seen from the latest chapter 50, Takeuchi proposes to her but is REJECTED.

This is probably one of the most emotionally engaging anime/manga stories I have ever seen. It went and replaced KGNE/KimiNozu as my number 1 Drama/Romance instantly.


yes! it replaced mine no 1 anime too. i cannot wait for the next volume to come out! my god.. this is surely one of the best anime / manga ever... serious hope there is a second season. the long version of the summary the part where the takechi propose to her and she reject which volume of the manga issit?

  • Jan 02, 2008

If I'm not mistaken, the rejection was in chapter volume 12, chapter 50.

And about the second season we both are hoping for, there is still no official word about it. :( The continuation in the manga can still cover about 12 episodes of anime though.


okay... singapore haven start selling volume 12 bahs.. i have volumes 10 and 11 =]

  • Jan 03, 2008

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