Feeling of love and loosing it

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Broken Angel


I have this xbf that talks to me like nothing has changed and claims that we will get back together when truthfully all i believe is that he is useing me doing things behind my back and also finding new ways to break me down more and more. :(

  • Dec 20, 2007



Blah blah blah!!!


my goddess my friend,,, u should stop u're goin to loose all if u still go in this bad relationship...

u are aware that he's using u, but u need to get away as soon as u can becuz u cannot be in that situation.

please, u're the only one who can make something about it.

take care.


You're being paranoid.


  • Dec 21, 2007

I am not being cynical, but from personal experience exes can not become "just" friends, especially if the relationship lasted quite a while. Several of my friends tried becoming "just" friends with their exes and I only know of one that worked; though I'm sure it is still a bit awkward when the two are together.

On another note, if you feel insecure with the way things are between you and your ex, why continue talking with him? You are only hurting yourself by having those thoughts. You may want to consider cutting ties with him. Understand this would be difficult, and the choice is yours, but if you continue seeing him, you may end even more heartbroken if you find he has someone else on his mind; Just be sure to let things go if the situation does not improve.

Nevertheless, if you really believe what he says and continue with the way things are, I wish you the best of luck and hope everything turns out well. Try to have more trust in your ex too; do you have any proof he is "doing things behind your back," or is this just a hunch? If you have no proof, odds are "you're being paranoid." like WingPilot2 says.

If you need any further support, do not hesitate to leave me a message. And if things out well, leave me a message for sure ^^

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