Shakugan no Shana II: Episode 10 "The Man Who Returned Home"

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call me tuna!


Episode 10 is now out!
i know is a bit late well just become busy and no time for
making this stuff well anyways..

Here is a short summary for this episode!

Episode 10 The Man Who Returned Home
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Upon realizing that his flame color is silver, Yuuji remembers back to how Lamies had told Margery not to chase the Silver. At the time, Margery couldn't give up on it and had declared that it was everything for her. Alastor now confirms for Yuuji that this is the reason Margery is a Flame Haze, but since they don't understand why Yuuji's flame is this color, Alastor suggests they wait for Wilhelmina's return. Agreeing with him, Shana warns Yuuji not to use his power of existence until then so that Margery doesn't find out. The next morning, Yuuji meets with Ogata in front of Konoe's house, but it turns out that Konoe isn't feeling so well, so her butler had offered to bring her to school himself once she's doing better.......

You can now Download Episode 10 in our group page!
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