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I was wondering why my wallpaper was deleted. According to the automated message:

Quote by automated message"- It was too simplistic, with poor layout or background - N/A

- It was too blurry or overfiltered - 1 filter for the background is NOT overfiltering.

- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos - No screenshots and everything was modded.

- It featured a poor quality extraction or had many artifacts on the images - No artifacts or anything left from the original scan.

- It was a low effort wallpaper - took me 4 hours a day for 6 days.

- It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link. - Didn't see one when I searched.

- It did not feature an anime-style image. - Love Hina is anime last time I checked"

Honestly it is quite hard to take a scan that is 800*600 and increase it to 1280*960. I did the vector to increase the non crappyness of the scan. Yes the edges are jagged in some areas, it happens. As for the back ground it is NOT over filtered. I used one filter, Cut Out. I used it on its lowest setting so it would retain its original look but, still look cartoony if you would. So I disagree with the reason why it would have taken it down.



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I think the quality is just too low. The background just looks like a stock photo with a filter, and the characters actually do have artifacts and are grainy. You say you vectored it? It doesn't look like it. Plus vectoring that image would have taken more than 4 hours.
I think the concept is good, but try putting a bit more work into the background instead of just a photo. And try using a higher quality scan. I know the original was small, but then your only options are to either not use that one, or vector it.
Oh, I also think it would be better without the border as well.
Anyways I hope I don't sound harsh; I want to help and this is my opinion.



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To tell the truth, I was going to delete this and leave a message but I was beaten to it.

The message I remember from the top of my head though, was that in your description you wrote that you vectored the image, but you didn't. Vectoring an image means retracing the entire image. I saw a few lines (but it looked like it was done with pencil stroke path instead of brush stroke path so it was pixelly) and the extraction was jagged (I also remember a chunk of hair missing). So in other words, the image was not vectored - you did make modifications, but that didn't stop the pixels from being there (one of the girls on the left, her hair was jagged, and by that I mean the colours inside the hair were pixel edged, meaning it was enlarged).

All these would disappear if you had retraced it - ie. vectored it.

You can get a smooth extraction provided you use the pentool to extract. In fact, it's not that hard, I have my own tutorials (including how to vector or at least faux vector on a bitmap canvas - still good quality and much better than enlargement):

Also, the above message is automated, so please don't take the message too personally - we don't mean that your wallpaper did all the things listed. It means that your wallpaper had at least one of them, or perhaps just one (depends on the wallpaper).

The scan quality alone I think was enough for deletion because of the actual quality and then the extraction.

With the background: "unmodified stock photos" from the policy is not literally unmodified. Just one filter can also mean unmodified. When you choose to use a stock photo, you should really be vectoring it (retracing it) or repainting it. Some people do LOTS of modification to a stock photo like several filters, but we still consider that unmodified.

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Though I do not agree with the reason it was taken down, I will take the info I have been given to make a better image that does not violate this pretty stringent image policy.

As for taking the message personally, I will take it that way when an image, that I did in-fact work for over a week on, is removed. Then I am told there is a plethora of problems with the image. In the end the person that I made this for, was ecstatic, and that in the end is all that matters to me.

So next time I will make an image that you have no reason to take down. Oh and thanks for the tutorials, the will be of much help in the future.

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