BiAch or Bitch?

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Seriously what is the difference btw bein called a BiAch or a Bitch? no matter what it still hurts the same. My x bf called me that 2day and i let him no regardless if i am so ignorant not to kno the difference i am not goin to let him call me that. So open up and let me know if this has happened to you or if you know the difference.

  • Jan 08, 2008


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Hmm, let me think.
I believe BiAch is a less censored approach to the word bitch.
Other than that, I think they are the same frickin insult.

As for your experience, I personally don't have never been called that by any of my friends, besides I only have two personal friends and we never refer to each other with bad language.
But their friends use those words with each other all the time.
I suppose to them it's just for kicks insuling each other like that.
I can't help but laugh at their meaningless arguments, they're just that funny.
One bad word after another with no personal meaning attached.

I don't know why he/she called you that word, but I seriously hope it wasn't intentional.
Don't take the word TOO seriously, after all "sticks and stones" or if that doesn't work, just let him/her jabber on like a meathead.
If all else fails, go for broke and insult him/her right back.
I would not recommend the last if it will get you into trouble though, so watch out.

In short, no I've never been called a BiAch or Bitch by my friends.
Don't let the insults get you down, jsut keep your head up and look ahead and leave that meaningless dribble behind.

Sorry if I said too much, next time, if you still want to tell/ask me something, I'll try to make it shorter.

Hope this helps a little.......

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  • Jan 08, 2008



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I own up to them so in truth they are not an insult to me but to state the truth...guess not everyone can say the same though ^_^



Cancel i don't find that word insulting since it just means female dog. i don't see how it's a bad word really, like all the's just a word. i don't think there's a diff between the two since..they all relate to one thing. i think biAch or whatever is just a slang. my whole school says so many different version of it, it's almost hard to keep track if they're talking alien language to you or just plain english: bish and bitz are of the few ones i just remembered right now, lol. so...i think it's just a for the feeling...don't get too caught up on what it means, if someone says that to me, i'll just laugh it off and think that they can't say anything else other than don't worry about it X3


What kind of monster calls his girlfriend a bitch or anything like that? I don't think i have ever called a girl a bitch, lots of other things all honesty they deserved it though. But calling your girlfriend that is not very nice at all.
You should kick him in the.... you know where.

  • Feb 08, 2008

Whenever I hear some words like that I take it as a joke and just laugh about it like we're only playing. But of course if they are serious then I just kept quiet, why continue such useless conversation with bad words? It's quite meaningless.

  • Feb 09, 2008

insult is always bad we should treat people with respect

  • Feb 11, 2008

Bee-Otch hehehehe

  • Jun 17, 2008


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