Who do you like the most in DW?

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:D :D :D Dunno why but I just wanna know who's you like the most in DW hohoho...

Awright..for me I choose Zhao Yun from Shu..Why? Becoz he's so COOL and LOYAL..He is so brave young man and HE IS SOOO HANDSOME!
I love he's not involve in any romantic relationship with anyone inside the story, so he can be MINE! XD XD XD XD

I love his outfit too ^^ also I love his voice actor..really match up with his character nyahahahha....
I love his fighting style ^^ He's not too big and he can run fast ^^

Then I chose my own female character nyahahhaa..coz I can make her as the way I wanted to haahahhaha...I always play Zhao Yun first after he showed up then I paired him with my own character named my own hahahhahaha...COOL!
I always looking for him in every DW series I played at first then after he's level and weapon are max, I choose to play another char which belong to Shu at first hahahah...
:nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya:

Who's next?

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DW? Dynasty Warrior? i can't wait to play the next series hehehhe...
I like Zhao Yun too..I love his move hahahaha...Yeah, he's such a handsome guy hahahha...Next I Love Ma Chao..tee hee sometimes I was too lazy to let my char walking hahaha...it's too slow so I need to find "what's its name?" Horse that once you mount it, you can't be falling? Yeah, when Ma chao ride it..woo hooo...great! I love his move too..

Many handsome guy in DW but I chose Zhao Yun first then Ma Chao...Actually I like to play as Guan Yu hahahahah or Lu Bu hahahah...that's to answer the question about who do you like the most in DW? like about what?

To play I chose Lu Bu mwahahahahha...
As a girl I chose Zhao Yun..he's so handsome hahahaha

  • Jan 24, 2008

Sun Shang Xiang and Diao Chan.

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