(game) WAR! Angels vs. Demons - part 2

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..:: Kuro ::..


Continuation of (game)WAR !Angels vs. Demons

Quote: *Zakon get'd up and bows*

Zakon"I thank you for the traing. The battle is tommorw I plan to spend the rest of the day Meditating"

*they suddenly hear screams from the village and rush to check it out*


Eagleye"What that?"

*They hear the same screams and go to help*


*There are sand creatures appearing from the ground*

Zakon"This time I will protect my people!THUNDER PALM!"

*He rushes the creatures and with he electricity dispathces them all in one go*

Zakon"Is every one alright?"

Villager"Yes you showed before they hurt anyone."

*Zakon check to make sure everyone's alright and joins the EF and TK*

Zakon"I've only felt such a sinister aura and seen a techinque from one man...but I is it possible for that man to still be alive"

Ok, let's continue ^^


*Kuro comes standing next to Zakon, who has separate himself from the others for a moment. Zakon immediately notices the look in the young half-breed's yellow eyes*

Kuro: "It is possible !
I was shocked too when I heard that Maxwell some how got back alive. At first I couldn't believe it. After all, I crushed his heart with my own claws, and made his body dissolve in a locked away dimension. I can remember the whole thing as if it were just yesterday."

Zakon: "So that's why you suddenly lost your focus during training !"

Kuro: "Yeah. While he was out scouting, Vexx overheard some of our enemies talk about the return of Maxwell. Vexx used a secured telepathic channel to inform me."

Zakon: "But why didn't you let me know ?"

Kuro: "I didn't think he would attack so soon, so I didn't want to get you worrying about him. I was going to face him myself as soon as he made the first move."

Zakon: "You should've told me Kuro. It's my people who got attacked."

Kuro: "I know, I'm sorry." *lets his tail and ears drop*

Zakon: "It's ok I guess. I don't blame you. Your intentions were good. And you're really good to my people.
So, what do we do now ?"

Kuro: "Well, you can't risk losing your focus on the battle with Katana tomorrow. So I will take care of Maxwell. I'll have the others be on stand-by in the city, so we can counter as quickly as possible."

Zakon: ...

Kuro: "Don't worry. I'll make sure your people are safe.
Soryu !"

*Zakon looks up surprised when suddenly, a handsome man appears in front of him and Kuro, coming out of, nowhere. :D Zakon is stunned by the impressive look of this stranger with the features of a demon. He has long shining medium-soft blue hair partially tied up in a long tail, using a magnificently decorated golden hairpin. Just like Kuro, he has yellow demonic eyes, as well as pointy ears, but they are not as long as the ones Kuro has. The tall young man, about 25 years old by appearance, but probably a lot older, wears a spectacular traditional outfit that would take ages to describe (so I wont XD), and carries along a beautiful fan covered with colourful feathers.
He gives Zakon a cold stare, and then points his eyes at Kuro*

Soryu: "You have called for me, Kuro-sama."

Kuro: "Yes, Soryu. We're going to need your help."

Zakon: "Wait, wait ! Is he the Soryu I think he is ?!"

Soryu: *again giving Zakon that ice cold stare* "What a stupid remark, Northern clan'er ! Yes, I am THE Soryu, Shikigami and protector of the East."

Zakon: O . O ! "What ?! ! !"

Soryu: "Let me get something clear, Northern clan'er. Kuro-sama is my sole master. He is the only one who can give me orders. As for the rest, I act completely on my own will, and I especially don't listen to possible little requests from people who aren't worthy of commanding me."

*Again, the blue-haired Shikigami makes Zakon feel uncomfortable by the way he talks to and looks at him*

Kuro: "Soryu, you'll give him a bad first impression of who you are." ^^'

Soryu: "I'm sorry, Kuro-sama, but you know I don't care much about this socializing thing, or however you call it."

Kuro: "Hmyeah. I guess that's indeed how I know you. ^^ Anyway, I'll have to ask you for a favor ..."


*After Kuro has explained what he wants Soryu to do, in demonic Southern slang so Zakon has not a single clue of what they talked about, Soryu nods*

Soryu: "You can count on me, Kuro-sama."

Kuro: "Oh, and could you let Byakko, Suzaku and Toda know as well !"

Zakon: O . O ! ! ! ! !

Soryu: "No problem."

*Soryu disappears again as quickly as he appeared*

Kuro: "Everything is settled, Zakon. You can trust on it that your people will be safe tomorrow when you're out to defeat Katana. ...
Euhm ... What ?"

*Kuro notices Zakon staring at him with his jaw slightly dropped*

Zakon: "You're the master of the four strongest Shikigami ?! ! !"

Kuro: "Yeah ... Is there euhm ... anything wrong with that ?" ^^'

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I was about to join this but it looks confusing! WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON!


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*In he's room at night Zakon Is reading in the study. Kuro enters*

Kuro"Hey about S-"

Zakon"I understand..."

*Closes book*

Zakon"My father was evil to he's core. He did evil thing to all of the people of this land. I never expect people to trust me. My unlike your tribes mine's legacy is that of bloodshed and ruthlessness. And it doensn't help that I share my fathers face. I shall spend my life trying to repay a debt that I can never repay but I have to try...So that at least my people...no...my family...can live in a world without being looked at with hatred they earned throught the association of others...sorry din't mean to burden you with my troubles. I let you rest and I shall do the same"


*Maxwell is on a cliff over looking the valley of daeth*

Maxwell"We'll meet again soon...Chronos...


*Ending theme second stage*

-living in the city Latin Mix / /watch?v=ng4Df3Q204s- add to youtube

((What happens are just still of the gang in a city at night in normal human clothes))

still 1- Lei Fong easily defeating a street gang trying to take he's money

still 2- Everyone is in a karoke bar with Kuro and Eageleye singing on stage in a duet

still 3- the ef are being thrown out of a bar after a fight Raton started :D

still 4- Chronos and Lillith are driving through traffic on a motorcyle

still 5- Zakon is in a library readind surronded by mountains of books

still 6- Eageleye is sleeping with her head on Longshot laps as they rid on the subway

still 7- Sakura and Eagleye are carrying an drunk Lillith out of a bar

still 8- Kuro has taken he' shirt off after falling in a pool and getting wet and has yet to notice Sakura has fainted and has a nose bleed

still 9- zakon, Kuro And chronos areStanding against the wall of a alley as a search light passes them

Still 10- Everyone is on a roof top watching a metor shower

"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"


*During the meteor shower, a lone figure standing on top of a tree aims a mini-cannon at the nearest meteor (about 1900 feet away). The blast blows it away resulting a a firework like effect*

Name: Indigo.


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..:: Kuro ::..


Kuro: "Please don't think you're a burden, Zakon. Feel free to always talk to me about your past or feelings whenever you feel like."

Zakon: "Thank you, Kuro. Your support really means a lot to me, honestly."

Kuro: "No thanks. I know how much it can be of a relief when you can talk about something, or somebody who's on your mind."

Zakon: "You mean your father ?"

*Kuro softly nods. Zakon sees how his eyes tremble a bit when memories of Kuro's father, Akira, are coming back to him*

Kuro: "Dad was a great person. Although I was still very young when he died, I have always admired him like no other. He was my greatest hero, and such a caring father. Sadly, a lot of people, mainly in the human world only thought of him as a foul and evil creature, responsible for all the pain and misery in life. But dad was the kindest person you could find. He cared so much about everybody. For Seiji and I, he tried to hide the pain these bad-talks caused to his heart, but I still remember how hard it was for him. And still, he never gave up on trying to achieve his biggest dream; that of global peace for all races."

Zakon: "Hearing that, your father was indeed a very wonderful person."

Kuro: "Hell. If only you knew how much I miss him, each and every day, even after all these years. How I'd wish for him to give me a tight hug again, like he always used to do."

*Zakon looks at Kuro with sympathising eyes. The young half-breed gets up. He gives his tail a rub, and bows in front of Zakon to wish him a good night*

Kuro: "Be sure to have a good rest. Tomorrow's the big day." ^^

Zakon: "Yes, I know. You too, get enough rest." ^^

Kuro: "I will. Oh and, again, sorry about Soryu's behaving. He's never been used to much social contact. And his enormous sense of pride makes it hard for him to accept others, except from me and the other Shikigami, being around him."

Zakon: "Don't worry. I understand. Goodnight, Kuro."

Kuro: "Night night, Zakon." ^^


*Kuro walks down the darkened street, heading back towards the other demons. It's a bit colder than the previous nights, so he has his warm fuzzy tail wrapped around his body.
Suddenly, a silhouette appears in front of him*

Woman: "Ah. Mister. I was looking for you."

*Kuro recognizes the woman. It's the mother he helped rebuilding her house*

Kuro: "Ow hi ! Good evening. How are you ?"

Woman: "I'm fine, thank you."

*Kuro notices that she is trying to say something more, but is hesitating*

Kuro: "I guess there's a reason why you wanted to see me ?" ^^

Woman: "Yes. Well I ... It's a bit strange for me to ask ...
I was wondering if you'd like to come over for diner. Leo (her son) is staying over at a friend, so I have enough food to make something for you."

Kuro: "That's really very kind of you. But my friends are probably already waiting for me to have diner together."

Woman: "Please consider it, mister ! It's a gift for what you have done for me and my son."

*Kuro always finds it hard to resist when a female looks at him with puppy-dog kind of eyes. He utters a soft sigh and puts up a big smile*

Kuro: "The heck, why not ! But only if you stop calling me mister. My name's Kuro."

Woman: "Kuro. That's a lovely name."

Kuro: "Thank you. What's yours ?"

Woman: "My name is Karen."

Kuro: "That's a beautiful name too. But say Karen, let's not keep standing here in the cold."

*She nods, and they both head for her house*


Kuro: "Hmmmm ! That's was delicious !"

Karen: "Thank you. You're such a charming man."

*Kuro blushes softly. She greets his cute blush with a warm smile*

Karen: "Care for a little dessert ?"

Kuro: "That would be lovely." ^^

*The pretty woman gets into the kitchen. Kuro leans back on his chair and puts his hands behind his head. It's clear he enjoyed this evening, despite the bad news earlier that day that Maxwell has returned.
Karen comes back out of the kitchen, carrying a really nice looking pie*

Karen: "I hope you like cherry p..."

*The pie suddenly slips out of her hands. Both she and Kuro rush to grab the cherry pie from crashing. As they both touch hands while saving the pie, they look into each others eyes, both with a blush on their face*

Karen: "Have I ever told you what a gorgeous man you are ..."

*Kuro puts a finger on her lips. He then starts to gently kiss her.
The pie eventually still ends up dropping on the floor, as both stand passionately kissing*


Archior: *walking around nervously* "Dammit ! Why is Kuro so late ?! Normally, bro's always the first to arrive for dinner."

Raton: "Oi. Calm down, you stress-bunny ! (where does he keep getting those words :D) He's probably still talking with Zakon or Chronos about tomorrow. Knowing Kuro's stomach, he'll arrive soon, heh." XD

Archior: "I hope you're right ..."

Zepher: "Sure he will. He's 21 you know. He can take care of himself. So please stop stressing so much. You're making us nervous too by just looking at you." ^^'


Kuro: "Hnnnh !"

*After the passionate kissing, Kuro and Karen ended up in bed. (you could that see coming up from miles :D) They both utter short moans of pleasure as their sweaty bodies touch each other. Karen's hands are holding the young half-breeds back tightly, as he's ... you know what :D*

Karen: "Aaahhh ! Kuro ..."

*She closes her eyes, her body vibes with passion, as Kuro sensually licks her neck. Kuro's long, untied emerald hair gently caresses her face. Karen's heart beats faster, as she feels the handsome young demon's strong body starting to shake softly. Her hands slip from his back to lovingly caressing his soaking wet chest muscles and abs. Kuro starts to pant heavily and raises his head. He has an intense blush on his cheeks, and his yellow eyes narrow more and more by the second*

Kuro: "Nnnn ... I'm... Ah ! I'm gonna c..."


*Kuro gets out of the bed and puts back on his pants. Karen quickly runs with her fingers through the soft hair of his tail before he does so*

Karen: "Will I see you again, Kuro ?"

*Kuro turns around. His tanned skin still has a bit of a shine from sweating, putting some extra emphasis on the structure of his muscles*

Kuro: "Tonight was heavenly, and you won't hear me say that word much. But I do hope that you understand that I need some more time to ..."

Karen: "Shhh. It's ok. You already gave me so much more than I was hoping of this evening to be."

*Kuro puts on the rest of his clothes and ties up his emerald hair again. He gives Karen a quick kiss and leaves the room*

Kuro: "Say hi to Leo from me."

Karen: "I will. Goodnight."

Kuro: "Goodnight."

*Kuro leaves the house. Karen is in her bed staring at the ceiling*

Karen: *softly whispering* "You're such a fabulous male, Kuro. I wish I didn't have to ..."

*Ending theme starts to play*

[[By the way, that ending theme you came up with is really awesome, Stephen. I can picture the whole thing in my mind like nothing else. I'll see if I can come up with a fitting Opening theme one of the next times, just for fun ^^]]

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Indigo: I failed to make a wish before blowing up that flying rock.

*Indigo drops his mini-cannon before finally leaving. Monsters in the forest start to hunt down for the one that started a commotion. Commotion started by Indigo after he fired his cannon*

Indigo: So the hunt begins. This could be bad.

*Indigo waits for the monsters to gather around the mini-cannon I dropped. As soon as they did the mini-cannon explodes destroying the monsters in seconds*

Indigo: Sorry but its not time for me to die just yet. I have to find ____ I don't know. I will have to figure that out.

*He stops to feel the air. Mutters to himself that there are beings with powers somewhere. Immediately thinks they are nothing but other kinds of nuisances*

Indigo: I wonder if they are angels or demons. In any case, I'll avoid them unless they get in my way.

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*Zankon awakens in the morning and get's dressed and preparesw to leave the castle. As he go out the front doors he's sruprised to see he's whole clan outside waiting for him*

?"You didn't think they ley you leave without out seeing you off did you?"

*A thirteen year old girl in chinese royal robes walking with a cane with long gray hair walks up to him*

Zakon"Grandma... Agnai Ki is to the death...I'll take the life of another of your grand-"

Granny"Hmph...my son was never my child...he was he's father son from the day he was born and my son was he father...I was taken from my land which I can longer return I alway thout I was trapped in this bloodthirsty land...then you took over...Our land is slowly being turned around having a new destiny...You are hesitant about killing those who you think are family but know this...Blood is does not make family. There are does who share blood but are strangers and those who are from diffrent worlds who can be brothers...You kindness is good but remember sometimes you have to turn your heart to stone as a king to defend those you love from those who try to use your heart as a shield to defend themselves..."

Kuro"This woman your grandma? how old is she? she loo-"

*Granny smack him in the knees with cane*

Granny"It's not polite to ask a maiden her age?"

Oriya"Considering that Zakon is 500 years old you maide-"

*cane to the knee*


Archior"stop tht your wrinkly old-"

*cane to the knee*


Zakon"perhaps we should leave..."

?"okay but first-"

*a brunette in over all and a baddna puts a blue crystal around he's neck*


Jeanne"My lucky water dowsing crystal. I always find water when I use it. Bring it back to me when your done"

*Zakon bows*

Zakon"Follow me the vally of death is hidden and is only know to royal members of Northern tribe and their leaders"

*Alexander produces chocobo for those who can't run all the way and the EF and TK follow Zakon to the valley of Death*

"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"



..:: Kuro ::..


Eagleye: "Say, why are Vexx, Oriya and Kaiji not coming with us ?"

Kuro: "They're staying at the city to protect the people while we're gone."

*They have only just left the city, on their way to the Valley of Death, or our gang spots a silhouette standing in the distance, blocking their way*

Eagleye: "Who is that ? Oh no ... Don't tell me it's Maxwell !"

Chronos: "No. It's somebody else."

*As they get closer to the person, they slow down a bit*

Kuro: "Ah !"

Archior: ?

Chronos: "You know who it is ?"

Kuro: "Yes. It's Karen. The woman I helped rebuilding her house." (not to mention the other things he did together with her XD)

Zakon: "What is she doing here outside the walls of the city. Doesn't she now it's dangerous to be here on her own."

*Kuro runs on ahead to go greet her. The rest follows*

Kuro: "Karen ! Hiiiii !"

*Kuro happily makes a big waving gesture with his arms as he runs towards the pretty woman. However, he soon slows down, and the happy expression on his face turns into a somewhat shocked look. Kuro stops. His eyes filled with disbelief, he looks at Karen pointing a weapon at him*

Kuro: "Karen ... What's ... ?"

Karen: "Not a single move, half-breed !"

*Kuro pulls wide eyes because of the cold way she yelled at him. But mainly because the woman with who he was still in bed several hours ago, is now standing in front of him pointing a weapon at him*

Kuro: "Karen. What's the meaning of this ?!"

Karen: *coldly* "I can't let you go any further, Kuro Chaisor. I have been ordered to make your life end here, now."

Chronos: "What ?!"

Kuro: "I ... I don't understand."

Karen: "If you join the rest of your gang to the Valley of Death, you might be a nuance there when the other leader gets slaughtered."

*Zakon is shocked by what he is hearing*

Zakon: "What is the meaning of this ?! Why is somebody like you, somebody from my people, attacking the person who is helping rebuilding our clan ?!"

Karen: "Shut up, you !"

*Zakon isn't all that pleased by the way the young woman is acting. Kuro on the other hand is standing frozen stiff. His yellow eyes stare saddened at Karen, not wanting to believe that this is really happening*

Kuro: "Karen, I ..."

*As Kuro takes a step closer, a heavy bullet gets fired from Karen's weapon. Kuro manages to stop in time and glance off the bullet racing towards him, using his tail*

Kuro: "Stop it Karen ! I don't want us to be fighting !"

Archior: "Kuro, be careful. She's not going to listen."

Kuro: "I can't believe you are doing this, Karen. Not after ..."

Karen: "Not after yesterday evening ? Hah. Stupid demon."
I have to admit that I enjoyed our time together. You truly are a magnificent being. It's a shame having to kill something as beautiful and hot as you, son of Satan. But just like your father, your life has to come to an end quickly."

*These shocking words are terrorizing Kuro so much, that his body seems paralysed and unable to notice Karen going for a mortal strike*

Archior: "F*ck ! KURO !"

*Kuro's eyes widen as he hears the sound of metal clashing, and a shadow drops on his face. The young half-breed snaps back to focus and notices a man with long black hair is standing between him and Karen, stopping the woman's attack just in time*

Kuro: "Toda !"

Lei Fong: "Toda ?! The Shikigami ?!" o.o

Toda: "Are you ok, Kuro-sama ?"

*Kuro softly nods. Toda gives a swing with his claws, forcing Karen to back off.

Toda is quite an imposing personality, mainly due to the fact he's a tall young man (looks about 23 or 24). He has a very solid body, his tight muscles being the best proof of it. Just by looking at the structure of his muscles you know that Toda is very strong and really 'built' for the most rough battle. His long black hair, reaching far down his butt, softly flows, making it look like black waves. The ends of it are tied up by numerous rings, each decorated with a deep red tassel. Unlike Soryu, Toda has normal ears, but his orange-red eyes have demonic features, more specifically cat-like pupils.
Nearly his entire outfit is black. Both the sleeveless shirt and pants stick tightly to his body, emphasising his body structure. On top of his pants, he wears a long dark grey loan cloak, reaching down the height of his heavy steel-plated shoes. Toda also wears long black arm gloves, going right passed his elbows. These gloves are equipped with impressive titanium claws, used to maximize the impact of his own claws.
Another remarkable feature is the crimson tattoo on the Shikigami's mighty left shoulder. It's exactly the same symbol as the black tattoo on Kuro's right shoulder. The others don't know of this, but Toda has decided to carry the same tattoo as Kuro, as a sign of his loyalty towards the young emerald-haired half-breed*

Lillith: "Wow ! He's gorgeous !"

*Chronos gives Lillith a somewhat jealous stare, which she returns by playfully sticking out her tongue*

Eagleye: "Omg ... A real Shikigami !" *amazed*

Karen: "Urgh. How dare you interfere !"

Toda: "Shut up, woman. I will not allow you to harm my master."

Longshot: "WhAt ?! Did he just say 'my master' ?" (owwww, is he going to be jealous that Kuro is Toda's master ! >< XD)

Toda: "Kuro-sama was the only one who cared about giving me back my freedom. Because of him, I am no longer imprisoned and chained like a dangerous, wild animal, as I have been for years. In return for what he has done for me, I have sworn to be loyal to Kuro-sama for eternity. He is my sole master, who I will protect with my own life. And that's why I cannot allow your current actions, woman."

*Toda takes a big leap, giving Karen a nasty slash with his claws, and knocking the weapon out of her hands*

Kuro: "Toda, stop it !"

*Toda turns around. He sees the hesitation in Kuro's eyes*

Toda: "I don't know what she has done to create this fake bond with you, but she is not who you think she is."

Kuro: "I ... I ..." *clearly completely confused* (woot, triple c :D)

Achior: "Bro ..."

Toda: "The connection she tried you to have with her, it's all made-up. It's nothing compared to the connection you and I have, Kuro-sama."

*Kuro blinks his eyes, looking at the tattoo on Toda's shoulder, realizing the Shikigami is right*

Karen: "I won't let you ruin the mission Maxwell gave me !"

Chronos and Zakon: "Maxwell ?! ! !"

Toda: "Kggg." *bares his fangs and growls as Karen attacks*

*With an anger-filled face, Karen jumps towards Kuro, holding a self-destruction device in her hands. As she activates the device, Toda manages just in time to throw his body on top of his master. A mighty bang follows*

Archior: "KUROOOOO, NO ! ! !"

*Archior runs towards the dust cloud, rising from the spot where Karen performed her desperate kamikaze attack. As the cloud gets blown away, Archior is relieved to see that Kuro is unharmed. Toda has used his own body as a shield. Kuro opens his eyes, looking straight in the orange-red ones of his Shikigami. He notices a little stream of blood running from Toda's mouth*

Kuro: "Toda, are you alright ?!" *worried*

Toda: "Don't worry, Kuro-sama, I'm fine. Just a couple of scratches."

*Kuro utters a sigh of relief, before a couple of tears start to sparkle in his eyes. Toda presses Kuro to his body*

Toda: "I told you I would always protect you, Kuro-sama."

Kuro: "Thank you, Toda ..."

Toda: "Please don't be saddened by what happened. I don't like seeing Kuro-sama suffering from sadness. I want you to be happy, just like you made me happy the day we met and you freed me.
Also, I will accompany you on the rest of this mission to protect you. Even if knowing you, you'll say that it's not needed, it's something I want, no, must do."

Eagleye: *crying and blowing her nose in her sleeve* "OMG ! So touching ! Not a single TV series is as beautiful as this moment." *sniffle*

Longshot: >_<' "Wtf ..."

*Kuro and Toda get up. Toda gives his scratches a quick lick to make them heal. Kuro stares at a little heap of sand that used to be Karen. Chronos comes standing next to him and gives a comforting tap on his left shoulder*

Chronos: "Looks like she had already been completely transformed into one of Maxwell's sand slaves. I'm confident that she is much happier now that she is released from his grip."

Kuro: *with his head pointed to the ground, his hair covering his face, and his clenched fist trembling* "Why ..."

the others: ...

Kuro: "Why can I never have any happiness ..."

*Kuro lifts his head. As his bangs drop backwards again, they reveal his enraged face. Tears roll from his narrowed eyes, as the young demon terrifyingly bares his sharp fangs*

Kuro: *with an almost roaring voice* "Why must you always try to destroy my life ?! Why, why, why, WHY ?! MAXWEEEEEELLLLLLLL !"

*Kuro's screaming can be heard miles away. People in the city questioningly look up when they hear the deep cry of Kuro roaring through the sky*

Zakon: "Kuro ..."

*Kuro's entire body shakes with anger*



[[Oh my, euhm, oops ^^' That's quite a large post, heh. ^^' Then again, I had a boost of inspiration. Plus introducing Toda ... :D]]

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*Indigo can hear the loud cry that filled the land. His mind filled with intrigue*

Indigo: What the heack was that. The source of that shout is exactly 9.7 miles north from here.

*Running through the forest with light found only in the canopy, Indigo had already destroyed several monsters that roamed the forest. Many more came after him*

Indigo: Oh crap, gotta run.

*He throws a rock hitting one monster on the head. This distracts the other pursuers while he makes his 2 second escape*

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Quote by laurentLongshot: "WhAt ?! Did he just say 'my master' ?" (owwww, is he going to be jealous that Kuro is Toda's master ! >< XD)

*Chibi Longshot comes on screen and looks at comment*

C-Lomgshot"I'm a on way stree and I don't go THAT way!"

*walks off*


Battle Of The For The Northeren Tribe: Part 1 Arrival

*they come to a cave*

Zakon"Stay close if you get lost in the darkness you'll never leave this cave"

*Zakon leads them in the pitch black darkness upward in the darkness tll after what seems like hours till the come out at the top of the mountain. They are overlooking a valley but it's far from picturesgue. The river that leads into the vall from the top is red as blood. The tree around the are a re brown in shrivled long since loose the ability to bear fruit. the ground a dark brown . And the sky are pitch black is is filled with the renegade Northern clan flying above howling for blood. Katana is in the valley waiting smiling with ruby colored eyes and face twisted into a dark grin showing he teath with the meat of a humans stuck in between he's silver teeth*

Eagleye"Oh my-"

*there are humans stuck in cages from which he eats*

Longshot"Truly a monster amongst monsters..."

Katana"Humans are so rare down here...would you like to join me brother!"

*the rengades laugh fill the night. Zakon deteminley leads them down to the valley*

Zakon"Welcome to the royal battle ground of the northern tribe from which king are chosen...The Valley Of Death.."

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"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"



..:: Kuro ::..


Indigo: "I'm curious to find out what creature might utter such a shout. If I follow that direction, I ..."

?: "No you won't !"

Indigo: "Huh ?"

?: "Stop right there, puny human. At least, if you are a human."

*Indigo stops. He looks around, but there's nobody to see. Yet the cold male voice that commanded him to stop sounds really close by*

Indigo: "Who are you ?!"

?: "I am the Shikigami of Fire, Suzaku."

Indigo: "!"

Suzaku: "If it's Kuro-sama you're after, I strongly advise you to abandon your plans immediately, for I will not allow you to come any closer near him." (Suzaku's a bit overreacting. Kuro's miles away :D)

Indigo: "Why do you think I would listen to you ?! I can't even see you. At least show yourself, coward."

Suzaku: "Tsss. You're not worthy of seeing me. Besides, I only reveal my appearance in the presence of my master, Kuro-sama, or unless it is necessary."

Indigo: "Fine ! Then I will make it necessary for you to do so."

*Indigo uses a strange device to spread a sound wave. At a certain spot, the waves bounce back, so he knows that the person telling he is Suzaku, is at that particular spot. He takes out his mini cannon and launches a blast. The blast gets reflected by a shining object, probably the blade of a sword*

Suzaku: "If you so badly want to see me, fine then."

*A heavy, hot wind starts blowing, heading down for the ground. Slowly, the silhouette of a man gets visible.

At first look, Suzaku is about the same height as Toda (a couple of inches smaller). He also has a similar type of body. It's a bit more compact since his muscles are a bit less developed than Toda's. Still, he's pretty well muscled. ^^
Unlike you'd expect from a Fire Shikigami, Suzaku has dark purple hair with an almost black tone in it (you'd expect him to have red hair). His shining hair is rather waving, and at the ends of his bangs and at the back it flips back up. Also at the back, it's tied up in a wide pony tail. The elegant flow of Suzaku's hair makes him look a bit less strict, 'cause that's the best way to describe the look on his face.
His scary red eyes coldly stare, as if the Shikigami could kill you any second. Just like Soryu and Toda, Suzaku has several demonic features. He has pointy ears, but they are covered by his bangs. Next to that, he has long sharp nails, which means he can unfold claws when needed. And last but not least, he's also 'equipped' with sharp fangs, but compact ones.
Another thing him and Toda have in common, is the tight 'sticking-to-your-body' outfit, that puts some extra emphasis on the young man's body structure. His shirt and pants both have a warm-grey colour, and some deep-red striping at the sides and borders. The rather large v-cut at the neck of the shirt bares Suzaku's entire neck and a big part of his well-developed pectorals and shoulder muscles. The short sleeves of the shirt have the same type of v-cut*

Indigo: "So, this is how you look like, Shikigami Suzaku."

*Suzaku gives Indigo a cold stare. It's almost as if his face wants to say 'I don't care much about you, low-life'*

Suzaku: "I have no intentions on fighting with you. There's a 99 percent chance that you end up dead if I'd fight you. So unless you plan on harming my master, I will leave you untouched."


Luke: "It sure could use a bit of a clean up here. Brrrrr. This place really gives me the shivers."

Zakon: "I know that the Valley of Death is probably the least good looking part of the Underworld, but seen what this land has been gone through the past centuries, and considered its purpose ..."

Luke: "Myeah, I guess you're right."

*As the group continues heading down towards the bottom of the valley, Eagleye has managed to sneak a bit closer to Toda, who doesn't move an inch away from his master*

Eagleye: "Wow. I can't believe I'm here right next to a real Shikigami. And such a handsome one too. *winks* Say, I was wondering, ..."

Toda: "Shut up, woman."

*You can almost see Eagleye's heart breaking by Toda's ice cold reply*

Longshot: "Oi ! Who do you think you are to talk to her like that ?!"

*Toda turns around and bares his fangs*

Toda: "I don't have to take any comment from a lower grade being like you."

Longshot: "WHAT ?! Grrrrrr !"

Zakon: "Those Shikigami of yours sure don't like much social contact."

Kuro: *sighs* "I know. But you can't blame them. They're not used to being surrounded by so many new people. And also, you can't forget that Toda has been living imprisoned for many years."

Zakon: "Hmm. Good point.

Ok everybody, we have arrived !"
(just in time, 'cause Longshot and Toda were about to start fighting :D)

Quote by zezlemet((no problem your long post make up for my short ones ))

[[Hmm. Never looked at it from that point of view ^^ ... Still, that post of mine was a bit on the 'impossible' size :D And short posts can be great too ! Yours are the proof.]]

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*Indigo looks on and starts to chew on a bubblegum. He yawns like as if he was sleepy*

Indigo: If it makes you feel any better, I'm actually not going to fight your so called master unless he fights me. And for the record, I think I don't like you.

*He takes out his cannon and a bright solar flare like light erupts. Seconds later Indigo is gone. Left without a trace*

  • Feb 05, 2008



..:: Kuro ::..


*It doesn't take long before Indigo gets blocked by a sudden raging wall of flames, which seems to come out of nowhere. Indigo can tell that the burning heat from the flames is much higher than it's supposed to be*

Indigo: "Urgh ! What heat !"

*Indigo is surprised when he sees Suzaku emerge from the flames, with a creepy grin on his face*

Indigo: "What ?! No way ! How did you find ..."

Suzaku: "Have you forgotten, low-life. I'm a Shikigami ! I have powers and abilities that reach far beyond the limits you can ever imagine."

Indigo: "I thought I told you I have no interest in fighting your so called master."

Suzaku: "I heard you the first time ! And I must say that you have made a wise decision. Not as if you could harm Kuro-sama. You're no match for him by ages. Still, I prefer you as far away from him as can be.
But the reason why I followed you, is because I didn't really like the way you left."

Indigo: "Well too bad ! I can do it again you know."

*Indigo prepares to use the same escape-move, but before he realizes, Suzaku has already violently knocked the cannon out of Indigo's hands*

Suzaku: "You're gonna regret for having crossed my path, low-life !"

*With a creepy grin on his face, baring his fangs and spreading his eyes, Suzaku is about to attack Indigo*

?: "That's enough, Suzaku !"

*Suzaku stops, and just in time or Indigo would have been in serious trouble*

Suzaku: "Soryu."

*Indigo notices a second Shikigami has arrived. Just like Suzaku, the look in Soryu's yellow eyes gives Indigo the cold chills*

Soryu: "There's no need to attack that low-life human, Suzaku."

Indigo: "Will you stop calling me a low-life, dammit !"

Soryu: "Well you are, compared to us. You have to rely on weapons like that cannon over there. I feel no respect at all for beings like you who do so. Still, Suzaku had no reason to start fighting you, so I give my appologies for that."

(it's clear that Soryu has more authority, seen the fact that he's a bit older than Suzaku)

*Suzaku goes standing next to Soryu and withdraws his claws. He gives Indigo a disdainful glare*

Soryu: "Keep in mind what Suzaku told you, low-life. Stay away from Kuro-sama and his friends."

Suzaku: "I would stop trying to follow this route to find our master, unless you want to get into trouble as you bump into Byakko or Toda on your way."

*This said, both Shikigami fade away and leave. But it's clear that they will keep a close eye on Indigo from now on*

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(You bastard why do make my character so weak against stupid demons?)

Out of context: And stop writing the actions and dialogue of my character. I can easily make him destroy all of your characters just by writing but that would be unfair.

I'm done with this rpg. And don't use my character. He now never existed.

  • Feb 06, 2008



..:: Kuro ::..



Geez, you're easily pissed off and you sure give up things soon. Ow and also, thanks for calling me a bastard.

1) You're a new player with a new character. Unless you make a grand entree or let your character prove from the very start that he is a strong fighter, you have to make your character grow and let him earn the proper respect he deserves. Just like in real life, you have to work for making that happen. Believe me, it took a hell lot of time before my main character Kuro got the respect he deserved.

2) The demons in this RPG are not the stupid kind of creatures that solely exist to be slaughtered by some random hero who walks by, or whatever image of a demonic character you may have in mind. Read the last 20 pages of part 1 of the RPG to know the true potential of these 'stupid' demons of ours.

3) If you have looked at the previous posts zezlemet and I made both here and in part 1, you should know very well that in this RPG the characters can be used by all players. It prevents the "my character says this and does that - end of post and I wait" and "the other's character says this and does that - end of post and he waits". Here we have 100 percent interaction.

4) So far, if we destroy a character instantly, it's one of our very own, not the one of the other players. As a matter of fact there hasn't been much dead characters over the past 35 pages. And if one happens to die, it's at least after a whole lot of pages with a strong plot. Because this isn't just a run and talk and bang-I-shot-a-demon RPG. All of Zezlemet and my characters have a completely worked out background and complete personality. That's what thie RPG is about.

This being set straight, I just want to say I feel sorry to see you gave up so quickly. Don't worry, Suzaku and Soryu have already forgotten about your Indigo.

Case closed as far as it concerns me. Let's just head on with the story.

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Lv.20 Protector


((alrighty then!))

Battle Of The For The Northeren Tribe: Part 2 Confrontation

Katana"so you decided to come and brought quite the little party..."

Zakon"I'm allowed to bring whoever I wish to witness the battle."

Katana"all the better..now someone can drag what remains of you to your funeral"

*a chamelon like renegade appears behind Sakura and grabs her*

chamelon"My aren't you pretty enough to eat!"

*she flips him over onto he's back and holds a kunai to he's neck*

Zakon"those with your aura woman. I never sensed any thing like it before. Not quite human..something else altoghter..wonder how you all taste!"

*therengades and the TM & and Ef prepare for battle. Zakon and Katana face off. Suddenly a dark presence send everyone to their knees*



Lei Fong"Who's doing is this?"

Longshot"It feels terribe...as if just this force existing it evil...My soul feels as if it's being drained of happines and hope...it's like watching "Son Of The Mask" starring Jammie Kennedy!"

* camera cuts to chibi-Eagleye and she plays a rimshot before cutting back to the field the prensence disseapears and in the valley walks a man. He has long dark hair with eayes that peirced the soul and is wearing a black pants suit and wing tip shoes.He holding the hand of a little girl she has pink hair is wearing over all and carrying a teddy bear*

Katana"What are you doing here Kobashi? You abadoned me and my pathetic brother long ago. Leave and let us battle!"

Kobashi"Since your both here I assume someone called agni kai...who threw the challenge"

Katana"I did so what-"

*the man throws he hand out and an unseen force knockt Katana into a wall"

Kobashi"Then you souldn't disobey the rules.There's no fighting besides for king here. And look up"

*The moon is coming out from a eclipse. the enviroment of the valley make it appera to be scarlet red*

Kobashi"Battles are only fought under the full blood moon. You can't just choose which laws and rules to obey..."

*Katana get upand tries to recover he's pride*

Katana"fine...it's only delays the inevitabele"

Kuro"Who is that guy?"

Zakon"Kobashi..a doom spectre..he left the tribe long ago...after..."


Zakon"After facing off against your father..."

*the wind sblows by*

Chronos"in any case it appears we have a little time bfore the battle...I suggest we all get ready..."

Eagleye"But why the the creepy spectre guy said they won't attack us?"

Longshot"for now...but after the battle...either way it goes I doubt there going to let us waltz out of here"

*Everyone readies themselves for whatever may come after the battle under the blood red moon*

"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"


Fine. I'm sorry for calling you a bastard.
So there. I'm out.

  • Feb 07, 2008



..:: Kuro ::..


Kuro: "I have a feeling too that after this battle, we won't be able to leave by just walking back easily."

Zakon: "Hmm. Then maybe I should have better came alone after all ..."

Kuro: "No, no, it's fine. ^^ I don't mind being here. I'm just saying that Longshot is right when he says we have to be prepared. I doubt they will even let us alone when your battle with Katana starts."

Uryu: "Well, I'm ready for them !" *tightens up his biceps*

Kite: "That's what you always say, Uryu. Sadly it's not always like that."

Uryu: "Wh... WHAT ?! You baka !"

*Kite sticks out his tongue*

Kuro: *short and powerful* "Oi, behave yourselves a bit !"

*Both EF look like a child who has just received a spanking and is being send to go stand in the corner as a punishment :D*

Kuro: "So Zakon, what was that about this Kobashi guy having faced off against my dad ? Please tell me."

*Zakon softly sighs and then looks the young half-breed straight in the eyes*

Zakon: "I was starting to hope you wouldn't ask me anymore. Ok, I will tell you ..."


*Toda walks towards Eagleye. Longshot gives the Shikigami a deep stare in the eyes, as if wanting to say "you better not get too close to her", but Toda doesn't really give much attention to it. In fact, he ignores Longshot. The tall man stops in front of Eagleye. His orange-red eyes imposingly stare into hers, so it's normal she feels a bit uneasy*

Toda: "I ... Euhm ... I ..."

*It seems that Toda is having a bit of a problem with what he wants to say. He takes a deep breath and tries again*

Toda: "I'm sorry for the way I replied to you."

*It's clear that Toda isn't used to saying sorry to others besides Kuro. The relief in his eyes that he managed to say it is big*

Eagleye: "Thanks. That was friendly of Kuro to tell you to come say sorry to me."

Toda: "Well ..."

*Looks like she hit the spot*

Eagleye: "Don't worry, Toda-sama. I'm glad you did come to tell me." ^^

Toda: "Hmm. You humans are strange creatures. I yelled at you, and still you stand here smiling at me."

Eagleye: "I guess I could say the same thing about you Shikigami being strange beings too. But after all, we're not all that different. I mean, we both look the same, despite being of completely different races."

*Eagleye notices a soft smile on Toda's face*

Eagleye: "I hope you don't think I'm rude by asking you this, Toda-sama, but why were you imprisoned ?"

*The smile on Toda's face turns back to his normal strict look*

Toda: "It's because I have committed a heavy crime in the past."

Eagleye: "Don't feel forced to talk about it ..."

Toda: "No, it's fine. Somehow, I feel that I can trust you.
As I said, I have committed an unforgivable crime in the past. Over th past decades of my life, my own powers slowly consumed my mind, provoking me to lose any control over the actions I took. Back then, I still had no master, so I was free to act as I wanted. Poisoned by my own power, I started slaughtering innocent people, just for the fires of Hell that are streaming through my veins to be satisfied. It started with just a couple of people, but eventually I destroyed entire villages."

Eagleye: "Oh my ..."

Toda: "Eventually, I was stopped by some of the elder Shikigami and their masters. They sealed my powers and locked me up. For many years, I lived chained up naked (that should get Eagleye have a nosebleed for sure XD) far below the surface, away from everything and everybody, powerless to do anything. I always desired to be free again, but the years kept passing by, until I eventually stopped thinking about ever being unchained again."

Lei Fong: *joining the conversation* "I have read about this many years ago, but I never knew which Shikigami it was that got banned."

Toda: "One day, a stranger entered my prison. It had been ages since I had seen light, so I remember at first only feeling my chains getting broken and dropping down on the ground, but not seeing who it was that freed me. Slowly, my vision came back, and I noticed a young demon who reached out his hand to me, telling me I did not had to be scared. At first I was, I admit that. After all, I had not seen any living creature since the day I got locked away. But this person grabbed my hand in such a comforting way, and said he wanted me to come along with him, as his Shikigami."

Eagleye: "That person was Kuro, right ?"

Toda: "Yes. Kuro-sama said he had freed me because he knew that deep inside, I was not the bloodthirsty monster everybody saw me as. He gave me the opportunity to head out on my own, but I chose to stay by his side and accept him as the master I had never had, and to thank him for what he had given me ... My regained freedom. As a sign of loyalty to him, I got myself the same tattoo as Kuro-sama. Also, with this tattoo, my powers are stopped from turning me back into the monster I once used to be. As long as Kuro-sama lives, this tattoo won't fade away, keeping my powers under control, and I will always consider him as my sole master."

Eagleye: "Wow, what a story ! And it's really so nice to see how much you care about Kuro."

Lei Fong: "I agree. The way you talk about your master is truly heart-warming."

*Eagleye nods to agree*

Lonsghot: "But why haven't you shown up earlier if you care so much about the half-breed ?!"

Eagleye: "LONGSH...!"

Toda: "It is not for a Shikigami to show himself constantly. I have always been by Kuro-sama's side, even if you didn't notice me. The same goes for Soryu, Byakko and Suzaku. It's only lately that we've been feeling it is needed for us to reveal ourselves. Also, Kuro-sama has asked for our help during this new mission."

Eagleye: "Well, it sure is nice that you have shared your story with us, Toda-sama. Now I understand much better why you reacted to me that way, and why you find it hard to be surrounded by so many people."

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Battle Of The For The Northeren Tribe: Part 3 The Wanderer

*Kobashi comes forward*

Kobashi"I shall tell you my story if you wish..."

*Kuro nods*

Kobashi"I was like all the rest of the northern tribe. Savage and powerful, using my power to obtain what I wished

*flash back to kobashi younger he looks the same but features are younger and he's is not peircing but full of rage*

Kobashi"I was second strongest in the tribe only to Zakon's father. I did as I wish and never thought of it till I met your father..."

*Young Kobashi is destroying a city single handedly when Kuro father appears to stop him*

Kobashi"We battled for a fortnight without rest but evetually I was defeated*

*The 2 are at the bottom of a huge crater Kobashi shirt destroyed and him bleeding and brusied*

Young Kobashi"Go ahead...end it..."

?"why do you fight?"

Y Kobashi"what?!?!"

?"You didn't eat anyone so your not hungry, they were normal people so it wasn't to prove your strenght, and I can sense no emotion from you so it wasn't out of joy, anger or pleasure..why?"

Y Kobashi"My reasons are my own! Now just kill me and spare me you pshycological babble!*

*the king of the underworld turns away*

?"No...you didn't hurt anyone so I'll let you go but take my advice...It's easy to find something to kill for but you'll become stronger if you find something your willing to die for"

*walks away*

Y Kobashi"Wait...Come back here and finish the fight you son of!"

Kobashi"I was rescued and returned to the tribe a few days later. and throught the years the evnt plagued me....being from the northern tribe I couldn't comrehend it he was stronger but didn't kill. After a time I decided to leave the tribe and figth and defeat your father...that was how my journey started out...but along the way I found out things about this world...but that shall have to be for another time...the battle is near."

*they look overhear to see the eclipse almost over*

"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"



..:: Kuro ::..


*Kuro points his head down again, after staring at the both spectacular and horror-filling sky for about a minute. He notices that Kobashi is looking at him*

Kobashi: "You know, when the crimson shine of this sky drops down on your hair like that, you remind me of your father." (little side-note though, that Akira's hair was a lot shorter than Kuro's)

*Kuro blinks his eyes, but slowly and only one time*

Kobashi: "It's clear that you are his son. You have that same look in your eyes as the one he used to have. A look that I will and CAN never forget.
You have the same facial expression. Even the way you are standing there reminds me of the man that changed my way of living."

Kuro: *with a serious voice* "Even after all these years ... It looks like my father has really impressed you."

Kobashi: "He was young, yet so strong for his age. But it especially were his words that could reach people there where no others could possibly ever get, that made him unique."

*Kuro closes his eyes, and a soft smile appears on his face when he shortly hums*

Kuro: "Yeah. That's indeed the way I remember dad. If he were still here, he'd ..."

Kobashi: "He is ! He is here among us."

Kuro and the others: "What ?!"

Kobashi: "I'm sorry. I guess I have expressed myself wrongly. What I mean is that your father is still alive, inside you. History tells that when the Lord of the Underworld died, he gave his powers to his first born child. He now lives on as those powers, deep inside that child."

Kuro: "He lives on ..."

*Looking at it, Kuro touches his chest with his right hand, and softly rubs over it. He closes his eyes, and a tear rolls down his face. Everybody watches in silence. Kuro's somewhat sad look however quickly changes into a strong one. The way the handsome young half-breed graciously points his head, ears and tail, gives everybody a feeling that right know, he could take on anybody*

Kuro: *clenching his fists* "My father indeed lives on, inside my body and my mind. ...
I promise him that I will make sure he lives on forever. And whoever tries to destroy my promise, I will kill them without mercy."

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Lv.20 Protector


Battle Of The For The Northeren Tribe: Part 3 The Battle

*the eclipse slowly comes to an end*

Kobashi"it begins..."

*Zakon takes on dragon form and he and Katana clash*

*still unoticed Maxwell watches. Behind him a smallwrinky old man appears from the shadow*

?"GReetings o migh-"

Maxwell"What do you want?"

?"I was sent to watch strike and achieve victory"

Maxwell"You mean the leader sent you to make sure I stay true to the plan..."

?"hehehe...SO cynical you are..."

Maxwell"Get lost..."

*Old man fades back into shadows..."


*Zakon and katana clash agian in the air. Zakon vison temparily becomes woozy but returns to normal*


Eagleye"Good job!"

Lillith"go for the bellY"

Sakura"Good luck!"

*As everyone cheers Longshot looks troubled..."

Kuro"What wrong? zakon winning!"

Longshot"And that's what bothers me..."

Kuro"Katana doesn't strike as one who fight fare...I don't belivbe he would challenge anyone to a 1-on-1 fight unless he had a trick or some kind of trump card to play...And considering things look badfor him now I wondering why he doesn't just use whatever it is..."

"If the worlds a stage and were all players...I want a rewrite!!!"



..:: Kuro ::..


Longshot: "I wonder what that Katana guy has up his sleeve. Especially since he so badly wanted the fight to happen here. He said that he picked out this valley for it's traditional value, but to me that's nothing more than a cheap lie. He so badly wants to kill Zakon, so why would he wait when he could have killed him right ..."

Kuro: "Be quiet Longshot."

Longshot: "Hey ! You don't have to tell me when I have be quiet, you ..."

Kuro: *narrowing his eyes* "Just be quiet and don't move !"

*Lonsghot sees how Kuro points his hand at him. The sight of the young half-breed's razor sharp claws dooming right towards him, makes Longshot panic for a second. Not seeing it, he suddenly feels a beam of energy running right next to the left side of his body*

Kuro: "Just in time."

*Longshot slowly turns around, a drop of sweat streaming down his face. It's then that he notices one of the dragon creatures they saw flying around when they arrived, stopped by Kuro's energy*

Longshot: "God dammit ! ! ! Couldn't you have warned me first ? ! ! You scared the hell out of me, you ... you ... demon ! ! !"

Kuro: "Oi oi. What a nice thanks for saving your ass." *rolls his eyes*

*Kuro turns the palm of his hand up towards the sky. As soon as he raises two fingers, the dragon gets catapulted back to were it came from*

Chronos: "Looks like they won't let us just sit out and watch this one."

*A couple of other dragons start an assault. Everybody keeps ready to fight, but Kuro makes a sign with his hand for them to stay where they are. The emerald haired clan leader steps out from the group and now raises both his arms, blocking and blowing the dragons away by using an amazing field of energy*

Kuro: "It's not that I want to act all on my own or frustrate you guys, but we can't have them killed."

Raton: "Why not ?! They're attacking us !"

Kuro: "Yes, but not out of their own will."

Chronos: "You mean that somebody is controlling them ?!"

*Kuro narrows his eyes again as two more come flying in. He bends his tail in a certain angle, and takes off with a huge jump. The others are wowed by how fast and high the young half-breed can jump up.
Kuro gives the two dragons a solid punch. After a couple of seconds he touches down again, letting the ground shake*

Kuro: "As I thought."

*Kuro shows his hands to the others*

Archior: "Sand ?"

*Kuro nods*

Kuro: "And who uses sand to control others ? ..."

Chronos: "Maxwell !"

Kuro: "Bingo." *points his tail*

*Kuro shakes the sand off his hands and looks around as if he's wanting to look for Maxwell*

Kuro: "I wonder where that sandy bitch is hiding. This place is big enough for him to play hide and seek with us.
Soryu. Suzaku."

*Only fragments of a second after Kuro called them, the two Shikigami appear. For most of the group, this is the first time seeing them*

Eagleye: "Wow ! More Shikigami !"

Lillith: "Mmmm. And nice ones. I sure like the one with the blue hair and the yellow eyes. (Soryu)"

Toda: -__-'

Kuro: "Hi Suzaku. Long time no see."

Suzaki: "Nice to see you again, my master. You have grown the last couple of months !"

Kuro: "That's possible. ^^ Say, is Byakko still watching over the people in the city ?"

*Suzaku softly nods*

Kuro: "Good."

Soryu: "What can we do for you, Kuro-sama ?"

Kuro: "I'd like you two to look for a person called Maxwell."

Suzaku: "Is he the one from who you once gave us the aura profile ?"

Kuro: "Yep. He must be here somewhere in this valley. I'd like you to go look for him and let me know as soon as you have found him."

Soryu: "As you wish, Kuro-sama."

*Both Shikigami bow and disappear again. Toda comes standing next to his master*

Toda: "I could have done it too you know."

Kuro: "Heh. I knew you'd say that. ^^
I'd like you to stay here, Toda. We're going to need your skills and strength."

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Craftuser from STNJ


Toda: So Zakon, what's up?
Zakon: I want to stay with Karen.
Kuro: We need your skills Zakon.
Karen: Hey Zakon what are you in love with me or something?
Zakon: (blushed) yeah Miss Karen.

Robin Sena

  • Feb 13, 2008



..:: Kuro ::..


Quote by guessjeansToda: So Zakon, what's up?
Zakon: I want to stay with Karen.
Kuro: We need your skills Zakon.
Karen: Hey Zakon what are you in love with me or something?
Zakon: (blushed) yeah Miss Karen.

Euhm ... o_0

Toda isn't really the type of guy that spontaniously goes asking questions like that.
Zakon is busy fighting his brother Katana. Besides it was Kuro who felt something for Karen, not Zakon.
AND, Karen is dead ...

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