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We can protect each other


La li ho, miina-san! XD (lol...the Gravitation fever is still on!)^^,
Well, I, ladestiny92, and my friend and co-admin of the group various~ANIME~fanfics, HotaruZala, has decided to start a new project..^^,
Every month, either me or Hotaru-chan will interview one or two fanfiction authors... :)
Just think about it like a
Unfortunately, I interviewed her many weeks before but I haven't got the chance to post this...^^,
But anyway, let's just carry on...^^,
Alright, let's get started...^^,

~Canon in D- piano version played~~curtains opened and ladestiny92(me) was sitting on the couch~

ladestiny92: Alright...*clears throat* ~music stopped playing~ This month, I'm going to interview a friend of mine from, Ria Sakazaki.

~Recorded claps were heard and Ria-chan sat on the couch in front of me~

L: ladestiny92
R: Ria-chan

L: So, Ria-chan, how are you? Still in the midst of your exams?

R: Just finished midterms but the final exams are just three weeks
away, plus
a REVALIDA (or a practical exam of nursing skills)this Sunday and a
comprehensive exam just before Holy Week.

L: Alright, let's start with you telling us your real name..

R: Liza...I'll leave it to that. ^__^

L: Ria-chan, tell us how you got interested in becoming a fanfiction
and when did you start writing fanfics?

R: A senior showed me the website around 5 years ago but I had been writing
stories before that happened. I didn't know it was called a fan
fiction. I have a dozen of stories in my computer...some were originals and the
others were not. I guess I can say I started writing when I was 11 years old.
(and I'm 20 now so do the math. Teeheehee)

L: Wow! I guess we're the same after But I stumbled upon the website when I was looking for Digimon fanfics. At that time I was 12. A year later, I joined I really wanted people to read my fanfics... XD Anyway, back with my question... Ria-chan, you're a fanfic author in the Prince of Tennis category, ne? Other than Prince of Tennis, what other anime fanfictions do you write?

R: I did a Naruto fic, a HXH and Slamdunk. Though they're not good...since I'm just starting. I was able to refine my writing skills when I started doing POT fics.

L: Slam Dunk? lol..I love Kaede. :nya: Ok, now, let's get to business..^^ I've already read three of your Prince of Tennis fanfics, which are; How Do I love Thee, The Corinthian Verse, and Forfeit. Of course, I found these fics because I was searching it using the filter by putting Genre: angst. So, I just wanna ask, how did you write Angst fanfics that manage to bring tears to readers eyes? (or maybe it was just me being emotional)lol

R: Hm...I don't really know. I guess I just had the affinity to angst. Some
were written due to an outburst of emotion due to a real-life situation...some
just appeared on the paper. And honestly, I love seeing people go emo. I mean, I just love it!

L: Okay, between How Do I Love Thee, The Corinthian Verse and Forfeit, which one do you love best?

R: I like them all on different vantage points but the best for me is How Do
I Love Thee? I mean it's my first Thrill Pair and I love the poem. And most of
my memorable lines appeared in that.

L: lol...That's my favorite too...^^, It's the first Thrill Pair I read and now I think about it, that's the first Prince of Tennis yaoi fics I've read...(and since than, I was really addicted to Angst fics ^_^') But you know...I also love Forfeit^^, Oh yeah, talking about Forfeit, Ria-chan, you're currently working on Forfeit, am I right? Is it your first time writing OT5? So far, are you satisfied with the readers reviews?

R: It's not my first time. I did Simple Joys in the past but the idea flew out of my head and I couldn't finish it. and besides...I'm not very good at OC's. Satisfied? I'm overwhelmed! I didn't realize I'd get this much attention.

L: Ria-chan...*blush* somehow, I would cry everytime I read Forfeit... Have you ever cried while writing it?

R: Of course! I tend to read the chapters over and over to get ideas for the next chapter I'm working on then I find myself crying. however, I didn't cry
as hard as I did on my HXH fic. I have erased it already but it was the only fic that had me sobbing my heart out.

L: Oh, now I wished I've read your HXH fic... :\ What fanfic will you write next once you're finished with Forfeit? Will it be another Prince of Tennis fic? If it is, will it be another OT5?

R: I'm thinking of another OT5. I'm still trying to conceptualize. See, the plot comes to me in the form of a yeah, stil trying to grasp it during my NREM sleep

L: Yay! Another OT5 fic...^^ I can't wait. Well, Ria-chan, when did you start reading yaoi fics? And what do you think about girlxboy relationship for the Regulars?

R: I happened to come across a website full of Yaoi Slamdunk fics 5 years ago
and I fell in love with it. Hmm...when it comes to girlxboy pairings, it all boils down to the plot. I don't like girlxboy pairing per se but if the plot is good, then I'll stick to it.

L: Hmm...*looked at Ria-chan with a mischievous glint in my eyes* What does your friends think when they know you love to write yaoi pairs?

R: Not all of my friends know I'm writing yaoi pairs. Writing stories, they do and they were awed. I just can't tell them that it's not the usual thing. There is one who supports me though...she read HDILT and she actually encouraged me to write it's sequel, Corinth V. She also chose the working title of Forfeit which was " Sacrificial Lamb".

L: Hmm, good for you. :) Well, with me, only four of my friends know I'm writing yaoi. One of them love reading Yu Yu Hakusho yaoi fics (KuramaxHiei), while the other one is really anti-yaoi (but she's still my best friend, of course). The other two, on the other hand, said, "It's no big deal." And of course, that's because they also love anime. My friends who doesn't like anime, well, they won't understand... ^_^' Okay, finally, we came to the end of the interview.. >.< Is there anything you wanna say to the readers?

R: Thank you so much for the support. I'll try finishing Forfeit asap. THANK YOU! ROCK ON!^_^

INTERVIEWED ON 23rd February 2008


1) yaoi: boyxboy relationship or Boy Love
2) Thrill Pair: A nickname made for RyomaxFuji pair in Prince of Tennis
3) OT5 A 'love' relationship with 5 people. Commonly for RyomaxTezukaxFujixSanada,Atobe pair.
4) OC's: Own character. A character made by the fanfiction author.
5) Angst: A sad story and some are depressing. Some ends sadly and some has a happy ending.

The List of Nicknames for Pairings in Prince of Tennis fanfictions:

1) Thrll Pair: FujiRyoma
2) Pillar Pair: TezukaRyoma
3) Golden Pair: OishiEiji
4) Solitaire Pair: NiouYagyuu
5) SilverPair: ShishidoOhtori
6) Smiling Pair: YukimuraFuji
7) Data Pair: InuiYanagi
8) Royal Pair: AtobeRyoma

Fanfiction Links:

How Do I Love Thee

The Corinthian Verse


New fanfiction by Ria-chan:Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (written after completing Forfeit- 8.3.2008)

ladestiny92: Well, readers could also suggest what they want to read about...and they could also suggest which author to be interviewed... :D

Group's page: various~ANIME~fanfics

Please join various~ANME~fanfics group...^^,

  • Mar 16, 2008



Athrun's Precious Rose @->


wow great interview ladestiny-chan!^^ very informative and in depth...Ive been curious about starting to read and watch prince of tennis, but now seeing that there are great stories for the show out there...I think I'll start watching the show so that way when I read a fic about it I can know who's who and what's going on.^^ oh oh...I wanna do the next one...I think I already know who I want to interview and she'd be all to happy to do it.^^

"Even if you were to turn into one of a thousand wild roses in a field,I'm sure I could find you. You'd be the most beautiful one there, adorned with pearls of morning dew." - Cain to Meridianna (The Cain Saga Manga Vol.4 Part II)

  • Mar 16, 2008



We can protect each other


Really? Ah...I was worried that this wasn't good enough^^
That will be great, Hotaru-chan...^^,
I can't wait to read the interview...^.^

Please join various~ANME~fanfics group...^^,

  • Mar 16, 2008

? I did read it though. Lol.

  • Mar 17, 2008

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