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A Nightmarish Gift


The widget is updated and redone to hopefully help finding files quicker. It's more organized then before. I split the two seasons into individual folders. So everything relating to that specific season is in that folder. All links are updated and working.

Another thing. It seems Sword-Shana-lily was reset...I don't know the full details, however all the links were back to mihd and yastorage, and the widget was reset. I redone all the links and the widget. So hopefully all the links are working now. Zaira might need to double check the music album links since I believe they were changed back to bit torrent. Hopefully this will be corrected soon.

*SURPRISE!* - As most of you know, I tend to give everyone surprises if I delay or slack off in doing my job. And this is no exception, I did not forget my promise to everyone. It was done as a joint effort from a couple of groups. So enjoy!

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