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INFO: click on the title to watch the films. I provided alt. links as well. Crunchyroll works best on IE. Alt link lead you to youtube. So pick the one that's best for you.

Bangkok Love Story
download only (around 700 mb)

* Rattaballung Toesawat as Mhek/Yun (Cloud)
* Chaiwat Tongsang as It/Shi (Stone)
* Weeradit Srimalai as Mhok/Wu (Fog)
* Chatcha Rujinanon as Sai (Sand)


Do you feel unsatisfied after watching Brokeback Mountain? If yes, then step into the world of Bangkok Love Story where your curiosities are answered. If no, then come still and experience the dark side of love.

Personal Opinion:

I think I have watched enough BL films to say that this is by far one of the best EVER! If you had watched Brokeback, then you can't help but compare the two. The result? Bangkok Love Story is the winner (lols).

The film had incorporated many other elements that made it stronger, but at the same time, weakened it, just by a little. It touched on the subject of Aids and as an audience, we see the horrible conditions these people have to face such as discrimination and poverty. Fog often gets beat and lives a miserable life with his mother. He is just like the fighting fishes he keeps in a jar, fighting to survive. I liked the fact that the story included this because it's a very serious issue. But at the same time, it acts as a dark cloud over the film with its melancholy.

Now, on to the lovers. Cloud is your complex character that still have leftover trauma from when he was young. I think that's why he always tries to clean himself and push Stone away. Stone is strong, passionate, loyal, and lovable. *I wouldn't mind having him clean and take care of me in his white underwear.* The rooftop hide out b/c their sanctuary. I find it a bit paradoxical because they're surrounded by buildings where people can easily spot them, so it's a place where they can be free in the eyes of society. At first Cloud is cold to Stone, but he is touched by Stone's determination and care. But he pushed Stone away after their embrace. From that point on, the movie starts to move VERY slowly. But I think it played a great affect on the audience because we feel as frustrated as Stone while he try to win Cloud back. One of my favorite part was when Stone yelled out his confession on the roof top while Cloud was in hiding, crying as he heard every last word. This run and catch thing go on for quiet a while and it displaces the two characters, making it seem like the relationship is only one sided. I didn't get a feel of a strong bond from them and I think this was one of the down falls from the other elements. To counter this, the director gave the audience two very acute and passionate kiss that leaves you mouth dropped with an unstoppable nosebleed and a craving for more. The scenes were VERY well done, realistic and natural. The whole cinema photography was breathtaking and beautiful.

Final Thought:

Bangkok Love Story defines love. This movie leaves you wanting to see it again and again because what Cloud and Stone shared was so pure and real. It's a love that surpasses death and time. It just shows you that you don't need a reason to love. When you love someone, you are free from all the restrains. That's why their kiss scenes were so open where anyone can see them; nothing matters but the one in your arms. True love is to love unconditionally, to risk your life, to do everything you can to fight for love, and ( your definition ) .

I thought the ending was just perfect because it had a nice closure, though some might argue with me on this. But I will let you decide.

I absolutely love the actor who played Cloud. The one who played Stone look very playboy-ish (lol). Though his voice in the film was more girlie then I would have imaged.

Once you finished the film, check out the wiki page because it has some trivia things that's pretty interesting. but DO NOT go there before because it will spoil everything!

And I bring you the censored scene from Bangkok Love Story. *oh my innocent eyes*

>>>>> 38 second of pure bless <<<<<


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I uploaded the theme song on the front page already.

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Nothing more. The censored scene is... *nosebleed*

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*passes out tissues* nosebleed is right.

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*takes a tissue*that was good.

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