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Hi, i'm here to report a link leading to a "Studio Not Found" error ( )

I uploaded this scan ( Kaori and Yun in swimsuits <3 by papyworld ) in the Monochrome gallery.

On the scan's webpage, if you click on the "Hiro Suzuhira" link at the top of the page, it leads to a page saying "Studio Not Found".

I think it's the last scan uploaded in the Monochrome section. I checked other scans of this section and their "Hiro Suzuhira" link works.

I don't know if new scans uploaded in the Monochrome section will have the same problem.

The consequence of that error is that the scan doesn't appear in Hiro Suzuhira gallery ; only in the Monochrome one.

I hope it will be fixed.

merged: 04-21-2008 ~ 04:13am
I reply to this thread to say that now the "Hiro Suzuhira" link is working
but still, the scan only appears in the Monochrome gallery.

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