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Ai no Kotodama (Words of Devotion)


Tokuyama Hidenori as Ootani Shinya
Saitou Yasuka as Tachibana Miyako


Shinya and Tachibana (Shinya always addresses him by his last name) are best friends. When you're looking for either one, you will always find two. They have been living together for over 2 years. But when an old classmate, Yuki came back into town again, their relationship is throw into a battle ground, where their trust and bond are put into test. How long aan they devote to each other?

Bases on the manga by Konno Keiko which is licensed by June.
(Sorry for the crappy summary) :sweat:

Personal Opinion:

Let me start with the characters first. Tachibana is very out going and flirtatious guy, and that became the reason why Shinya is so jealous. Shinya is the complete opposite. He only shows his playful side to Tachibana. He can be a little kid sometimes (which he admits himself and it is one of the things why Tachibana loves hims so much). When you put these two together, the pieces fit perfectly. I like the chemistry when they're playing around with each other. It was more natural and boyish than the embrace which looked more choreographed and a bit fake. I was laughing at a one point because the expressions were very odd. But I think the director was definitely heading for a more tender and sweet moment which can be felt throughout the whole film (especially those quick plucker on the lips, I thought that was very playful and cute). The sequence of the film was nicely timed, it didn't drag out and it held the story together pretty well. Compare to the other BL movies, this one was lighter and fluffier, but it's still worth checking out. (I have never seen such a cute couple before! They're just too lovable!)

On the side note, I wish they would show what happened to Sho-kun. (I got to check out the manga for that).

After reading the manga, I thought the story was told more clearly in the manga. The smaller size apartment brought out the closeness that was kinda missing in the film. The characters obviously had more physical connections in the manga. Which is kinda disappointing when you're watching the film because it doesn't happen. So I would definetely recommend you to read the manga when you finish with the movie. It gives you different perspectives and it sums up the plots.


~ Theme songs ~

It's on the group's page.
they're really nice

~ Sho-Kun ~

I uploaded the sidestory about Sho-kun from volume one


Wish you can forgive your yesterdays
Wish you can love your tomorrows

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