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According to you, the series:

Should continue to a large franchise (e.g. Bleach, Naruto)
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Should have gone on another series or two, then end well.
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Should have ended at the end of OAV 2, and let things lie.
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Hello and welcome to this thread. Allow me to start off- if you have not seen the Tenchi Muyo! series, do yourself a favor, head to youtube, and watch the first episode. If you're not hooked- well you will be so dont worry about that.

So you may be worrying about this thread, "Tenchi Muyo was an epic series, what things should have been 'unsaid'?". You'll agree if you saw the WHOLE series. Allow me to give you all a little background behind this awesome series, and how greed corrupts all good things.

In 1992-1993 a small-scale Anime by the name 'Tenchi Muyo' sent out a six episode OAV to the world, only in the aims to progress the work of a few Japanese artists and for a quick buck. But- the anime was too awesome, it became very popular, and the people wanted more, more MORE! So, a 7th episode (probably one of the most popular ones) was released to please them- but their hunger wasn't quelled!
In 1994-1995 this slightly larger scale anime gave out a second OAV, with episodes 8-13. All was right, the series was short, sweet, not too fast paced or boring, but had the perfect touches of humor, sex-appeal, action, along with great character design and artwork- the world was good. And although it was short, it was simply: good in its purest form. This bit of anime that made the world a bit better shipped off to televisions in America everywhere at July 3 2000, at about 6:00 on Toonami (y'know... before it tanked?)


Some people decided, "Let's keep this gravy 'a rollin'!". Good for the community right? We loved it at first, and we wanted more! Well... see the third OAV and you'll know why I'm so upset.
In 2003-2005 the third OAV was released. It tanked. The voices we once beheld were replaced, the characters seemed to have changed, personality, artwork, among other things. It wasn't good, the quality of work that was shovelled out never would have caught on. That's not the worst part- time to spoil.

***********************SPOILER ALERT**********************

In the 'final' episode, "Final Confrontations" the series was ruined!
Tenchi's mother, whom he seemed to have such a real, touching relationship- was on a trip to Hawaii! A freaking vacation for 17 years! I'm not making this up- and she supposedly SCRIPTED all of everthing that happened to him, his encounters with these women, the stories of her death. And it even turns out that the *explitive deleted* writers even made Tenchi's mother to be a crazy old woman. That all? NO! Remember Kagato? The bada** who kicked butt in episodes 5&6, the terrifying dude who almost held infinite power... was a hermaphrodite! I have no idea where that fits in the long run but for some reason they threw that in! The last OAV ruined the whole thing... and I wanted some people to be warned before they got their hopes up like myself.

***********************SPOILERS OVER**********************

Now- I've complained my fair share, and I want to hear your opinions about this failure. I bear these questions:

1. What were YOUR thoughts on the 3rd and final OAV?
2. If it were up to you, would you release it, or destroy it?
3. According to you should the series:
a. continued to a large run series (e.g. Bleach, Naruto)
b. gone to another season or two, but ended well
c. ended at OAV 2 and let things lie.

I appreciate all of those who read and replied to this thread... and hope minitokyo doesn't stop this thread- THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

And remember, good anime never dies so long as it lives in the hearts of its fans.

...whew that was long!

  • Jul 08, 2008



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Quote by rindinnikfindindiddlesHello and welcome to this thread. Allow me to start off- if you have not seen the Tenchi Muyo! series, do yourself a favor, head to youtube, and watch the first episode. If you're not hooked- well you will be so dont worry about that.

Actually we don't encourage that kind of thing on MT. There are better ways to put it than to encourage people to hit up Youtube and steal it.

And seriously, Tenchi Muyo is ok. It's not a guaranteed hook like you seem to think it is. Harem anime fans will lap it up, but a lot of other people probably aren't really going to care for it.

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  • Jul 08, 2008

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