which anime coupling would you break up?

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kikyo n inuyasha hahahaha

  • Oct 20, 2008

usually I want anime coupling break-ups on most H-game/H-amine and some few romance anime,UFO princess(the guy is just lucky to have valkyrie in accident) and others.

  • Nov 26, 2008

Break all straight and yaoi couples, leaving only yuri couples. :)


This is an old one, but Miaka and Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi.

She should've gone with Hotohori, who is richer and prettier, but she actually doesn't deserve any of them. She is so annoying. DX



Abomidable Snow-Woman


Quote by xxKurumiThe possibilities of an Athrun/Meyrin romance. I like them as individuals, but I do not like them as a couple at all.


I'd also like to say every coupling in Gundam SEED.


Quote by strangeemilyi also think misa and light because i really really don't like misa she is so annoying

See, I would keep Light and Misa together entirely because I hate them both. :B I think they deserve each other. Light, because he's a callous, self-centered psychopath, and Misa because she is annoying to the point of agony.

And the only anime/manga couple that I can remember disliking off of the top of my head is Seichirou/Aya from Tenjo Tenge. I find Aya's attraction to Seichirou to be deeply naive and superficial, quite apart from the fact that I prefer Seichirou with her older sister Maya.


Misa x Light
I don't like Misa at all, and her relationship with Light irritates me.

Kyon x Mikuru
I don't like Kyon with Mikuru, Kyon should be with Haruhi. Seeing them together makes me want to kill myself.

Miaka x Tamahome
Ugh, I really want to b**f if I see them together.

  • Sep 19, 2015

Quote by keikasagawayes its begun, breaking up anime couples

i don't really care for the reason, whether you want a character for yourself or you just hate them being together or just for the hell of it.

though one rule to this is it has to be either legit or actually incited coupling, NO FAN COUPLING, ha take that! although i will accept unrequited love or one sided couplings, otherwise there's not as many that i can think of..

a couple i'd break up would be...

hideki x chii (chobits) - coz i want chii to myself
eri x harima (school rumble) - eri is awesome, *che* i'll take her off your hands
yakumo x harima (school rumble) - if you don't get it, i will
hinata x naruto (naruto) - lose the hero 'n get with the zero, lol
harima x tenma (school rumble) - just to piss harima off
misa x light (death note) - awwww come on stupid fan girl

RisaXDark, DaisukeXRiku, because I prefer the RisaXDaisuke, DarkXRiku paring instead

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  • 20wk 6d ago

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