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Demon Exorcist


After reading the chapter, what did you guys feel? What do you think will happen the next couple of chapters? Personally, I don't think Souichiro is going to go down without a fight, so him and Sohaku are going to have some kind of mental
throw down. I can't make out the Mitsuomi vs Masataka battle... I feel Mitsuomi has a little more to do before he is taken
down, so I don't think Masataka will win just yet. I was a bit confused... it talks about somebody being the "moon", or "Tsukiyomi". I know Maya is the Amaterasu, but is Souichiro Tsukiyomi? Or are they still figuring that out? It seems by the end of that chapter, Masataka could be the Tsukiyomi. The picture where it showed Maya and Souichiro standing saying about Susano, Tsukiyomi, and Amaterasu did confuse me alot. Can anybody clear that a little more to me? Im just hoping Souichiro is Susano and no Tsukiyomi... Maybe Aya could be one of the two?

On another note, what do you think will become of Bob? So far he isn't getting much page time. I hope he gets some great power and starts to actually do something.

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  • Aug 25, 2008

i think at this rate of the story it practically be anybody in the story but i have my suspicions that it's probaly gonna be mitsumi and as for souchiro Ithink it's gonna be a rathe interesting fight

  • Oct 21, 2008

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