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More or less if this is a bug or not. An item that has been quarantined and still be able to be viewed is not exactly quarantined. Whether this was intentional or not, I'd like to bring up that if it was to be as defined "quarantined' it should be sealed off from all possible access till later, because some items that have been quarantined is still easily accessed.

Example: Say, K-BOOKS Tarot Major Arcana - Death by Scampi which at the time of post is quarantined. And so there is also a "ID" number as I'd like to call it.

It is easily to retrieve the image just by grabbing the generic download URL form, such as


and tack on the a Minitokyo_349958.jpg, so it'd look like


Though whether intentional or not, this is something that more or less destroys the point of quarantine, and also this may prove to some extent a lack of understanding in security, even though this in itself is not something that'll cause a security problem, there is still possibility for exploitation with this kind of form. (This is not meant to be undermine anything or whatever, but just something to look out for)

Though this is an anime site, remember, any free access point, can be an access for attack, and there are hackers there that just do random crap for fun.

If this doesn't really concern anyone, then by all means, ignore it.

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  • Sep 04, 2008

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