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The master of yuri and RPGs


If any of you read this stuff, I salute your bravery.

Now then, I wanted to try and post a thread with one purpose, to write as many short stories as humanly possible.
It doesn't matter what kind of story you wish to post, anything is fine.
I mean, ANYTHING. .
Oh and comments are also welcome
Now then, let me begin by posting 2 examples, 1st off an encore presentation of "the 1st ever gossip girl" and a new true story called, "Porkchop Dream"


1st ever gossip girl:
It is about a lass, who couldn't stop spreading false rumors and accusations around town.
Day after day she was talking trash about numerous things loved by others.
The villagers tried many different tactics to "shut her up", but she kept on whining and spreading.
Heck, she even she even destroyed the local clock tower and successfully got a hobo arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

One day she heard about an upcoming war from a "secret" source, and started telling everyone about it.
Few believed her due to her.....fame.
So she headed out to a military base along with a few "believers" and they stole a tank from a nearby hangar.
At the battlefield, spectators watched on as a freelance tank, driven by an unknown pilot started smashing and blasting anything in its path.
While an annoying voice could be heard from the tank yelling"I TOLD YOU SO"!
Unfortunately the tank accidentally entered a mine field and was blown up to kingdom come.
The lass was the only survivor, though she had lost her left eye and right leg.
She kept gasping out blood as as a soldier arrived and out of mercy carried her to a nearby recovery tent.

Days later, the lass returned top the village, without a left eye and a wooden leg.
The villagers clapped out of pity due to the fact that even though she destroyed some ally units, at least she took out 50% of the enemy forces.
Again in an unfortunate turn of events, the hobo after being given a parole, knocked the lass into a well and sealed it up with a boulder.

That was the rise and fall of the very 1st gossip girl.

Story nr2:

Porkchop Dream:
Porkchop Dream, my most memorable nightmare.
I dreamt this when I was at least 6 or 7 years old.
I dreamt once that I was on the beach, just lying on the sand.
Then suddenly out of the sand, out comes this huge frying pan underneath me.
Then my parents show up with a huge meat cleaver and suddenly, hack hack chop chop, my body was sliced to itty bitty pieces until only my head remained.
Oh the pain, but they weren't finished oh no, then they started eating the slices one by one.
Then the coup de gras, mom picks up a fork and poke out my left eye, the weak-sighted one and throws it to the ocean.
Oh yeah, before they ate my head I saw that my body slices were all porkchop slices.......
Then I woke up.
This was a real dream that I just can't forget.
No trauma at all, just unforgettable....

I've written a few more, but only after 3 replies, since it would be a waste.
Anyway, hope you guys like the 1st of my many future creations.
And like I said, I encourage you all to post your own masterpieces.

We are all born and look different, but one thing makes us equal, our admiration of Japanese animation and comics.
Live life the way you want to live it.
GOD bless you all and I wish you all a happy life.

  • Oct 03, 2008

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