What's the best dream you've ever dreamt?

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I've searched for it, but there wasn't a thread. So if there is one then please delete this one.

So I was curious on what other people dreamt that they actually enjoyed.
Two nights ago, I dreamt that my brother got arrested. I was so happy!
Too bad it's not reality. -_-

  • Oct 08, 2008

That's an odd thing to be happy about, but I suppose you have your reasons.
Anyway, when my Wii broke, I would have dreams that it was working again, only to be disappointed when I woke up.
And a few times, I would dream that I had some kind of superpower. I would wake up with the urge to try to fly out my window or something. Alas, it never works... :sweat:

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It sucks that your wii doesn't work anymore.
someone I know bought a wii and never plays with it. he wasted his money on that.

  • Oct 09, 2008



Abomidable Snow-Woman


How can your friend not play with his Wii!?!? o_O

Well, I've had a lot of interesting dreams. Although, I don't really favor just one. There was this one dream that's I've had twice. I was on this magic train that didn't need tracks to travel, I could go everywhere. Then at some point Barney is chasing me, and then I'm somehow traveling on the train with a dude. It seems cool when I talk about it, but someone it's a little freaky because I've had it more than once. But both were slightly different.


I've been dreaming it every time I sleep for more than four hours. I'm in a lab, researching and working on my life project. During the dream, I clearly see myself designing and perfecting it. Several times, I halt due to some problem. Then, after some researching and testing, it seems I receive the solution, and I keep working. I'm very happy. Sometimes, I even see it 'alive'.
During the day, when I've free time -- very rare --, I try to assemble these dreams information in order to bring my life project to the real world.

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  • Oct 09, 2008

best dream was, i was running for a serial killer (don't know how i know that just do) and he was chasing me and i was bleeding.
And in the end i got stabbed and woke up.

well let flesh it out a bit i was running in a dark ally and there where ppl laughing at all the blood and some people where liking it up from the ground.
and the knife was dirty and dripping blood. And i had a few cuts that was really deep and my leg was dragging.

Why do i like the dream, well it was not boring great fun. can only hope it happens again.

  • Oct 10, 2008

My best dream was, after rain, and the sky still cloudy, i was have riding my motorcycle without destination, suddenly the girl that i like hug me from behind! I wasn't realize she's ride in my motorcycle. When I look behind, she still hug me and looked chilled, but with (in my opinion) cute expression, and make my heart beating hard! Then i awake from my dream, dammit!
It's my best dream happend in my in my life...

  • Nov 02, 2008

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