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Every 24 hours we get free downloads right? Well I like to use them to download very costly things, for the sake of saving credits. The problem is that whenever I was loading an image (usually cheap ones), and 24 hours just passed during that time, one of my download quotas got used up. Now this is especially annoying when my internet is laggy, and there's nothing I can do about it (like when my mom downloading). I would like it if the credits are charged immediately when you click and image (which does actually happen), and NOT use my free download quotas if it happens to be restored while loading. Also, sometimes the Free Download Quotas doesn't even show the right number (5) when it was recently restored, and the rest just appear later. Please think of a solution here. It would be greatly appreciated :)

merged: 10-24-2008 ~ 02:47am
Coincidence, or not? Cause I just got only one new download quota for quite a long while until the rest appeared again. Anyways, can someone please answer this? Acceptably of course.

  • Oct 22, 2008




Well it seems that there is no difference between the
free Download and the credit download link
they just show that if you download this instant
you may use credit.
but what happens really is that ,just referencing the download link (whether free download or not )
use any available free quota or if not use credits.
even if the free quotas where restored between the galley item view and download (that trigger a download session cookie if i'm not wrong), unlikly thats a hard problem to solve (maybe use AJAX)
or use different links for free quota download and credit download.
so it's better to refresh the page before download and use quotas in one precise hour of the day (keep your target gallery items ready to click).
hope that helps you in not losing your quotas

Belive me and DIE !


Hmmn, so you're telling me to refresh, and predict the timing, etc? I know that much (ignoring the AJAX part which I don't understand, and is too lazy to learn about), but what really gets me is when the image is loading slowly. It shouldn't be that much of a problem to not touch your free download quota at restoration when an image is still loading from a few minutes ago, right? Different links would be helpful though, yet it isn't really needed for the general public, and frankly, I'm not special enough to get such a privilege. So, at the present I'll try to stay away from using my credits around the time when the free download quotas get recovered.

  • Oct 29, 2008

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