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I know everyone has them, and i think it can be fun to tell your own, and sometimes listen to what others have had of weird dreams, to start of i will tell of a more or less odd dream i had last night.

The classmates i had back in 1st through 8th grade and I were in a local swimming hall, (though everybody seems a fair bit older than we were in those grades, more looking like our current age, the mid 20's) having swimming lessons from a teacher, a teacher whose face i didnt recognize in the dream.
the dream went on many including myself, not being in bathing clothes in the pool, while having fun, swimming and playing, while listening to a somewhat changed version of the song "Heal the world", by Michael Jackson. In this version he isnt singing heal the world but kill the world (and we're still having fun while listening to this). So while we're all playing listening to this song, i of course stare a bit at the girls from my class, who are more or less not clothed at all.
I ofcourse get a hard on from this, and at first just try to pt my attention on something else to get the bastard to lay down again. the problem arises later, when one of the guys from my class notices it and laughs and points it out to the nearest other guys. i try to cover it up, being a little embarrassed about it.
at the end of the dream we see our swim teacher yelling at us, that if we come to the swimming hall in this guise again, she will kill us. we see some blood on the floor (from what i couldn't see), and this is where the dream ends.

i just found the dream so weird i thought i'd share it, now anyone wanna go kill the world with me? :P

  • Dec 02, 2008

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