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I seek peace in my dreams.


I think the subject of this thread talks for itself aha~

I spend the whole day updating the group page and, seriously, my neck hurts like Hell!

Now the complaining: there are around 230 members in Syaoran-Shrine group but 99.99% of you are completely inactive! I've said it many times before and I will repeat it for the last time today: this is a 'group', a place which reunite many people which share the same interest for 'Syaoran', I alone don't count for anything: I can't make a group active by myself!

TRC/Holic will both finish in 6 months AT MOST, which means we've got 6 months left of Syaoran presence before saying goodbye to him forever...Why forever? He was used twice already as a main character, let's not kid ourselves: there just won't be a 3th time. At best, he will appears in future random crossover Clamp arts.

So, again, please feel free to do anything you want: from posting a youtube link to an AMV you like and wants to share with the other members, commenting on the latest chapters which are 100% focused on all three Syaoran (father, son and clone), asking whatever question you wonder about it, make up theories, post links to your artworks even if it's not Syaoran related, share scans and news, make suggestions...etc...

Well *sigh* that should be it, I will continue trying my best only if I see a reaction from you guys.

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