Making Better amv with TIP

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==== These children the transformed in machines to make good mav! ====

Weeeeell after it have done or not that there is someone sew that there is
knowing to create a good amv u_u

Some advices/Tips:

1.- They do not use MOVIE MAKER or any other easy program
2.- Not be accustomed scenes with hardsub... Sees disgusting
3.- know codify your videos... there is a difference between formats of distribution and lossless

I do not want extend me a lot of with the advices but a finish off

THE ULTIMATE TIP! -> THE SYNC IS ALL! -> for god it is that perhaps it is a secret that little know and that the government to state by hiding for years...

I have weight that this offends to someone but... I do not matter
which import me is that those who be bad know it...

...and that those who want add other advices or it criticize on bad amv´s it posted

PD: I like the good amv´s and do not speak english speak spanish but did a effort that it is not pal criticize that ^_^'

  • Dec 16, 2008

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