diferrent style of pic by me

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well i'm was training to draw human with animal parts

so this is my first time drawing this


if there is comment regarding the animal parts i would gladly apreciated

  • Feb 03, 2009


His rigth foot (the one towards the viewer) looks like it's floatig on the air, and the belt over the chest doesn't quite follow the torax line. Try tilting the belt's curv upwards and you'll get a more powerfull chest. So you'll need to practice a little more perspective.

The goat feet doesn't quite fits. If you want something that brings horror, try blendig human-animal parts and factions 50-50%, instead of connecting a 100% animal head on a human body. How about a face that's 50% human and 50% bird? Or 50% human and 50% horse? That's a sigth I wouldn't like to see in a very dark nigth.

Ypu'll also like to look for folkklore: How's a werewolf in the medieval manuscript? Part human, part wolf? A big, muscled, all four swolf with human eyes? A man on all fours behaving like a wolf?

You're a very good drawer. Never drop it. You could make a career out of it.

  • Feb 03, 2009

Ooh, nice! With some more practice you could go far.

erm, I'm no expert on animal anatomy, but the parts of human anatomy... animal anatomy actually isn't that different from human anatomy, just in different proportions.

the neck is too wide; even thick muscular necks slope into shoulders.
Also, the back is not flat: it is actually where much of the depth and bulk of the muscle is on the upper body. They way you drew it, the pectoral muscles seem to attach directly into the back but there are other muscle groups as well... look at pictures and stuff, it helps. Also,

The head is somewhat flat... I think maybe it needs to protrude a bit more by the brow? Not a lot though.
pic of wolf skull: http://www.boneclones.com/images/bc-024_web-lg.jpg

As for the hooves, it looks like they're coming straight out of the legs, but they're actually wrapped around the toes like an overgrown nail:

I disagree about hooves not bringing horror, since supposedly the devil has cloven hooves. :p
Though it does seem that the rest of the body is mainly a wolf type animal hybrid all the way down until below the knee, so it does look a bit out of place.

And one more (sorry! xD)
the skull decoration on the shoulder looks too cartoonish, not like a real skull... Might want to reference some skull pics. There are plenty. :p And it's not the same kind of skull, but here's an example of skull shoulder decorations anyway.... could easily be adapted to human skulls:

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woa nice......good job kid.....talk less do more....! banzai......ayo terus berusaha....waktu kita tinggal sedikit...






That's one cool drawing you got there XD

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thanks for the tips

i forgot to mention it.. there is some rules... the animal parts must consist from mammals only...so no bird etc.

  • Feb 09, 2009

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