Have you guys ever thought of the OST music composers?

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Hahaha...any comment?
Please leave them as meny as you can to share with us :D
However, my most favourite OST music composer is Kajiura Yuki.
She's amazing!
Her most outstanding products is the Tsubasa Chronicles.
Other products include My-HiME, My-Otome, .hack//SIGN~and more~
She also writes a lot of lyrics for anime, commonly FictionJunction Yuuka and more.
The latest product from her is the Pandora Heart which going to be air soon.
You can view the official trailer and see how amazing is her music :P

Other music composer I like is :
Sagisu Shirou (Bleach),
Iwasaki Taku (Kekkaishi and Soul Eater),
Nakagawa Koutarou (07-Ghost, Code Geass, GUNxSWORD...),
Mitsumune Shinkichi (Zero Tsukaima, Rozen Maiden, Magister Negi Magi...)
Kanno Youko (Macross Frontier, Ghost in the Shell, Darker than Black...)

Any other recommended anime or game OST?
Please tell us and we will enjoy them together :P

~Thank you for peeking at my nonsense~

奥村雪男 :


Of course, the composers means quality and you mustn't forget them.
My favourite composers list:
-Yasunori Mitsuda (he is the best!)
-Yoko Kanno (her works is great, especially Yakusoku wa Iranai sung by Maaya Sakamota)
-Nobuo Uematsu (he is great with piano, Tifa & Aerith's Theme Piano Ver.)
-Motoi Sakuraba (his battle OST is excellent, The True Mirror)
-Akira Tsuchiya, Ken Nakagawa, and Daisuke Achiwa (Their works in GUST games, especially Ar Tonelico is memorable)
-Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms is unique and gives a new influence to game's OST)
-Hitoshi Sakimoto (Odin Sphere's OST is great and the story is as good as the OST)

That's all I can remember. I hope you agree with me.


Yes! I love some of the music from a number of series - the music can really make or break a great anime!

I'm pretty hopeless at remembering names... but!

I LOVE Yuki Kajiura... she's been mentioned =P

I also really, really love the music of Sahashi Toshihiko - Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny and Simoun (I'm sure there are others) He worked in collaboration with Yuki Kajiura for one of the Gundam Seed OST's... I love it!

Naoki Sato... I only know of his music from X/1999... but I realllly like it. It's different, but really nice. Especially Sadame!

As I said... I'm pretty bad with names, so I'm sure as hell I'm missing some awesome composers - but these are the ones who easily stick in my mind =)

  • Feb 21, 2009

Hahaha! Mahou-Koneko, same gang >.<
I'm very agree with you about the Gundam Seed OST which composed by Sahashi Toshihiko and Kajiura Yuki.
And I gotta check out Simoun OST too and game OST! :D
I'll check out anything that is recommended in this thread~and thanks for recommend sth that is new to me TT~TT''

奥村雪男 :


I LOVED the simoun OST, it's what kept me watching the series. The OSTs give the anime so much more of an atmosphere and depth! If you have a good OST it can really bring the anime up onto another level. Mahou-konoko shares most of my music so she has me covered basically, but I'd add onto that the Ghost In The Shell standalone complex OSTs, I love the mood they give the anime - Ilaria Graziano and Yoko Kanno. OH! And I can't forget Joe Hisaishi.

Kajiura Yuki is also my favourite with Sahashi Toshihiko not far off :D

  • Feb 21, 2009



Wake me when you need me...


I like Keiki Kobayasa (I dont think he does anime OST but he did the Ace Combat OSTs which I love) and then there is Wolf's Rain OST composer, Yoko Kanno!

Imy-kun I am! :P


Definitely, Yuki Kajiura is my favorite composer, too! Her stuff is fantastic, I love it!

  • Mar 24, 2009

I always think of the composers.

My favourites are (in no particular order) Kawai Kenji, Yuki Kajiura, Yasunori Mitsuda, Sakuraba Motoi. Oh and the person who did the first Naruto Shippuuden OST -- I worship at his feet.

  • May 07, 2009

Daisuke Ishiwatari: the man is legend. has designed and composed the guilty gear series and i believe also composed music for the blazblue series.

  • May 09, 2009

My all time favorite is Yoko Kanno for composer. I did like Yuki Kajiura because I loved what she did with the first OST of Tsubasa Chronicles, but then I listened to her music from the other stuff she did and it sounds pretty much exactly the same so I lost some respect for her.

  • Jun 27, 2009

My favourite composer is Yuki Kajiura, I think her best work is Hack Sign. And the one where she was the more anonymous is Mai Otome, there isn't a single track that sounds really good. -_-

She also did some character songs for Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, I love Stellar's one : Shinkai no Kodoku.


  • Aug 04, 2009

Most Famous Person is Yoko Kanno.....
I think that.
Cowboy bebop OST is so impact.

  • Aug 04, 2009

I like:

Taku Iwasaki (Rurouni Kenshin Ovas)
Shiro Sagisu (Bleach)
Toshiyuki Omori (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)
Kajiura Yuki (Tsubasa Chronicle)

  • Aug 06, 2009

Shiro Sagisu (Neon Genesis Movies/Bleach)
Iwasaki Tarou (Blackcat and Tengen Toppa)
Yoko Kanno (Arjuna, Cowboy Bebop, and Wolfs Rain)
Kajiura Yuki (.hack series, Noir, Tsubasa, Mai HIme, Mai Otome, Xenosaga EP. 2 n 3)
ALI Project (.hack//roots)
Nakagawa Koutarou (Code Geass)
Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Sword of Mana)
Motoi Sakuraba (Tales series, Valkyrie Profile, Golden Sun, Star Ocean)
Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenosaga Ep.1)
Nobuo Uemtasu (FF series and Lost Odyssey)
Daisuke Ishiwatari (BlazeBlue and Guilty Gear)
Kokuyasou (Touhou Covers)
Kota Hoshino (Armored Core)
Tenpei Sato (Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, Soul Nomad)
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (Game Music Concert)
Tsuyoshi Sekito (Last Remnant and FF13)

  • Sep 25, 2009

Of course ! ^^
But I'm quite like Mahou-Koneko... I really am not good at remembering names...
But I can't forget Kajiura Yuki. I've discovered her in Noir... The OST of this anime are so beautiful...
And also Joe Hisashi... A pure artist... I can still hear Princess Mononoke them song... One of my favourites...
Oh ! I also like Toshiyuki Omori who did Shingetsutan Tsukihime OST. They're too ! ^^

While there's life, there's hope



Girl Strange


Everything by Yuki Kajiura equals greatness. I don't believe I love any japanese musician as I love her, really. Also Yoko Kanno, which's another well-known name. Kouji Wada as well. ?


I would go for Motoi Sakuraba (i think its that way, lol)

Hit fast, hit hard and never look back.

  • Oct 01, 2009

My favorite composers are:

Yuki Kajiura
Yoko Kanno
Yasunori Mitsuda

They are all AMAZING!


Only one, Kajiura Yuki, because she's a GOD. I love all her musics

  • Nov 06, 2009

Yuki Kajiura = All time BEST composer imo. <3

Become one with Mother Russia, Y/Y? <3

  • Nov 08, 2009





Yuki Kajiura (.hack, Mai Hime, My Otome, Tsubasa Chronicles, and other soundtracks)
Kunihiko RYO (12 kingdoms) (a nice Chinese-Traditional-theme to his music)
Clannad (singers Riya and Lia plus some of the background music)
Some single tracks from the Hayao Miyazaki movies.

That's all I can think of so far.. I'm always interested in trying new types of Japanese J-Pop, especially bands.


The best is probably Kajiura Yuuki, her music is unique
Kanno Yoko
S.E.N.S Project
Hisaishi Joe --> His music for ghibli's move made me admiring him

  • Nov 19, 2009

i don't know any music composer

  • Dec 12, 2009



Like An Endless Waltz


My favorite anime composers are

Yoko Kanno(Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne)
Yuki Kajiura(Erementar Gerad and Mai HiME/Otome)
Toshihiko Sahashi(Full Metal Panic! and Gundam SEED/Destiny)
Kaoru Wada(Inuyasha and Samurai 7)
Ko Otani(Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, and Shakugan no Shana)
Kohei Tanaka(Sakura Wars, G-Gundam, and Gundam 08th MS Team)
Shiro Sagisu(Evangelion and Bleach)
Taku Iwasaki(Rurouni Kenshin OVA)
Tomoyuki Asakawa(The Five Star Stories)
Seikou Nagaoka(Tenchi Muyo)


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