"under construction with a doujin" some critics

describe it.

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more details. please?
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more improvements!
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i honestly dont know
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put some colors!
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throw it in the trash.
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okay, i was stuck with giving up for quite some time... haha. the scanner is a burden. makes my doujins look like a mess and horrible than the actual ones. i didnt stick to anime-ish eyes it doesnt help me. this is a scrap illustration for "Julietta". christabella is on progress. the scanner is so small, half of the hands was missing. and this is really clean.
"her name is nina; a singer-model who is actually Julietta" haha. i was stuck not making it monochrome.
i usually do the xeroxed one. making it lovely is annoying. since the scanner makes it look dark. so sorry for complaining. just tell me what you think.

over here:

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