I present to you, the late orpheuz, our last King and Queen..

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I'm here...


The final bidding,

Everything that begin must end one day. I believe this is the best time for us to remember the last group that the late founder, orpheuz had brought forth. For almost 2 years, I had joined Vote. And so is my dear friends, the existing admin such as Rue-chan (who have been with us from the start), follow by HydeExile (the invisible admin who in-charge of voting results) and newly appointed, MeiYuuStargazer (who volunteer to help Vote and a great asset to all of us), standing in Hy's seat. Through the time of learning about orphy sudden departure and his death, till now. I, represent Vote, to thank you, all of you especially the fellow loyal members (especially Bumble-Bee) for being with us from the beginning to the ending of this chapter. For those names that we didn't mentioned, please do feel your present are important as well. Our memories are scattered in here and they shall remain here. Vote will end with everything that begins with. And for orphy, lets pray that he will rest in peace in the hands of the Mighty God.

For the very last time, we thank everyone for making this far. Thank you and may God bless all of us and orphy!

Goodbye and take care.

From all of us,

The late Orpheuz, Rue-chan, HydeExile, MeiYuuStargazer and Nisnoopy3

VOTE (2007-2009).


Note: Vote shall never revive under any circumstances.

VOTE will closed on 30th June 2009.


The last King and Queen of anime... goes to....


Lelouch Lampe rouge as the King of Smartest




Suzumiya Haruhi as the Queen of Ecchiest


[K.Y.O.N.K.O] + [V.O.T.E] = [orpheuz]
howls-moving-castle [url=http://howls-moving-castle.minitokyo.net/]~:|A NEW FACE FOR HOWL

  • Jun 29, 2009



I'm cute, aren't I?


Ah, finally Lelouch win?
Poor L. He's a real genius, I must say.
For gals front, no surprise...

I'll take my leave very soon.
I hope I can see you all in other groups! :)

  • Jun 29, 2009



Otaku-freak soldier


I must say i didnt like the winners. Well, it cant be helped. I had fun in the time i was here.
So, farewell to everyone! I hope i get to see u guys in other groups!

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