Help me with my crush and one other guy as well.

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Hey guys!^^'
First of all,I better tell you guys that I'm the type of girl who is in friendly terms with everyone,and the help center of the class!^^'So don't be surprised to hear that I'm in friendly terms with every guy and girl.
So as the very title suggests,it's about my crush,three other guys and my BFFs.Okay,let's begin with my crush and the three other guys.
There are four guys in my class(including my crush)who are the most popular.My crush's name is Ted Thomas. He is kinda weird(in a funny manner)and stands out among other guys. He is good at studies,but stutters if asked a question!^^' He just stands there and smiles like an idiot... ^_^' He can tease me to death at times.We are the closest girl and guy in the whole class,but we are not friends.(the best thing is he likes me too!XDXD)But he is too shy to say it,but he has expressed it in other way.

Now about the three other guys.Namely-

*Vikulp(the class monitor)

Lets start with Vikulp.He's my BFF,Nisha's crush. And the good thing is,he has a crush on her too!XD
Okay,now Arpit. He is my rival in Science.We are mostly in peaceful terms,but we are always competeting in science.
Now,time for Nakul. The main problem! :angry: Normally Nakul is the short-tempered guy.But for these last few days,he has become really soft and gentle and helpful. ^_^'
Because of something I did... :sweat:
I had planned to make my crush(Ted) jealous by getting really friendly with Nakul. Ted did get jealous,and now I know that he is crushing back to me! XD
But a REALLY REALLY big problem has appeared.I got a little bit TOO friendly with Nakul,and now Nakul is crushing at me! x_x
Nakul keeps staring at me,and is trying to get close!And he has been passing so many smiles,I feel sooo bad!I don't want to push him aside,but I have no choice!^^'
Somebody talk to me!


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I used to be that bitch who deleted your pictures. Now that I'm gone, nobody is gonna delete your pictures anymore. Good for you.

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